4 Most Common Maintenance Pitfalls

Common Maintenance Pitfalls

Selling your house the traditional way isn’t an easy job. It’s not enough to simply put your house up for a sale. There are a lot of things that you must finish before you can be certain that you will get a good deal. However, be aware of some common maintenance pitfalls that can decrease the value of your property.

Once you decide that you want to sell your house, the real struggle is just beginning. Just think about all the cleaning, the repairs and the decluttering! Unless you opt to sell your house to a direct buyer such as Sparks Property Investors LLC, there are some necessary steps that you need to do if you want to find potential homebuyers. But be vary of common maintenance pitfalls that can ruin your plans – and your property. Here is what you need to pay the attention to.

Forgetting to Repair Certain Parts of Your Home

When preparing themselves for a routine inspection, a lot of people tend to forget certain parts of their property, such as roof or chimney. Even though it might seem like no one will look at or care about these parts of the property, these common maintenance pitfalls can even make you fail your inspection!

Another thing a lot of people forget about are cabinet doors, loose showerheads or ceiling stains. Also, don’t forget about your front and back yard. A lot of people forget to trim their trees or to clean up the gutter debris. Clean up doors and windows as well and clean the patio furniture, as well as any other yard items. No matter what season it is, front yard is the first thing people see and they won’t be happy if it looks dirty.

Allowing Tenants to Fix Maintenance Problems

 It doesn’t matter how good your tenants are. Don’t ever allow them to repair things by themselves, or for them to find a good repairman. As in most cases you are the one who will pay for maintenance, they won’t care about the quality of service; they will simply call the one they see fit. Even if they aren’t sure about the professional at stake, they most likely won’t care too much, as it isn’t their property. And if they decide do make some repairs by themselves, not only will that be deducted from their rent, but there is a high chance that they don’t have the necessary skills. This could end up with you having long-term damage on your property! It’s always the best choice to do everything by yourself.

Hiring Unskilled Maintenance Workers

If you are looking for a way to cut costs, this isn’t a way to go. Some of the most common maintenance pitfalls happen when homeowners decide to hire unskilled workers in order to pay a smaller price. However, unskilled workers can cause more damage than good, especially in the long run. Paying less now may end up in you paying thousands upon thousands year from now, or you might end up losing a lot of money during the evaluation of your home.

Quick Fixes

A lot of long-term damage could be avoided if homeowners decided against making quick fixes on their property. One of the common maintenance pitfalls is painting over water damage, instead of trying to find the root of the problem. Not only will the stain reappear, but this will make it harder to detect the leaking pipe or cracks in the wall. The same can happen if you don’t change your HVAC filters and just quickly go over everything with a dust cleaner. All these problems are small at first, but if the cause of the problem isn’t managed as it should, one small crack on the foundation can even up with a hole in your wall.

Can You Sell Your Home without Doing Any Maintenance?

If you have already done some of these common maintenance pitfalls and are now worrying about selling your house, don’t worry. You can always choose to sell to a real estate investor, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC. Most real estate investors will buy your house as is, even if it’s not in a great condition. Also, they will pay in cash, which will make the process a lot quicker. They can close a sale in just 7 days! If this is too quick for you, most real estate investors will agree to let you choose the closing date, so you can have the time to find a new place to stay. Working with a real estate investor can come with many benefits.

If you are looking for a way to sell your unwanted property in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, look no further! Contact Sparks Property Investors LLC by filling up this form or at (262) 288-0580.

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