40 Good Things That Happened in 2020

This last year has been a rocky journey for everyone. As is adequate for Christmas, we’ll try to focus only on good things that happened in 2020, so we can say goodbye to it without a too bitter feeling.

With Christmas nearing, one of the arguably worst years ever is coming to an end. With a global pandemic, economic crisis, and death of many celebrities we loved, there doesn’t seem to be many things that can be considered a ray of sunlight. Still, in the Holiday spirit, we’ll try to focus on all the good things that happened in 2020.

We’re not trying to minimize that this year has been really difficult for many people out there. Many have been sick, or they’ve lost their loved ones. Many people are struggling really hard, facing unemployment or foreclosure. Most have spent at least a brief period feeling scared, sad, frustrated, or even entirely heartbroken. It’s okay to not feel okay after a year such as this one.

Still, we have to think about a few silver linings. With the lockdown, many people have finally reconnected with their creative side. Also, being locked inside your house has allowed many people to be closer with their families. Not to mention many good sides of humanity that have emerged, leading to activism and trying to change the world for the better. This is why we’ve decided to count some of the good things that happened in 2020. While many are small, and include new albums from our favorite creators, others show goodness in people surrounding us.

Here is, in no particular order, a list of good things that happened in 2020.

  1. Drive-in movie theaters are once again returning to the spotlight, bringing back those vintage feelings.

2. As a response to that, drive-in concerts are also becoming a thing.

3. Many food chains and restaurants, including even McDonalds, made some of their recipes public so the food lovers could make them at home.

4. A 103-year old grandma managed to defeat COVID-19, and celebrated with a can of Bud Light.

5. During a golf match between two football legends, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, and two golf legends, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, we got to see Brady rip his pants. While Brady probably wouldn’t include this in his “Top good things that happened in 2020”, we sure had a good laugh!

6. A Ninja Warrior obstacle course was mastered by no other than this squirrel!

7. Many people with even the lowest of sewing skills united and began making masks for people in needs.

Many people with even the lowest of sewing skills united and began making masks for people in needs.

8. While “Tiger King” is something many of us would rather forget, it is the truth that all the memes and jokes about it united us worldwide.

9. Lady Gaga honored us with a new album. A great thing to dance to from our living rooms!

10. Carly Rae Jepsen also delivered a new album, giving us one more thing to listen to.

11. Taylor Swift dropped a new album, as well.

12. The Chicks made a comeback after 14 long years.

13. Demi Lovato returned to the scene while performing for Grammy – right before she got engaged! Good for Demi Lovato!

14. There have been more reality TV games that are trying to help us cope with the harsh reality. one of them is Netflix’s “Floor Is Lava”.

15. Educational books are finally reaching their spotlight. One of the good things that happened in 2020 is that titles such as Ibram X. Kendi’s “How to be an Antiracist” and Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility” have been on top of the USA TODAY’s best-selling book list.

16. Board games and puzzles are once again cool.

17. Many distilleries have used their resources to help with producing hand sanitizers.

18. Many global companies, such as Apple and 3M, also helped those in crisis by providing resources or directly involving themselves in the production of face masks.

The whole world unified to help save koalas during devastating fires in Australia back in January.

19. Other companies, such as Tesla, GM, and Ford, helped make ventilators and other medical equipment that is necessary in dealing with the pandemic.

20. Stanley Tucci showed the world how to make a perfect Negroni cocktail, and we have just realized how much we’ve needed it!

21. The whole world unified to help save koalas during devastating fires in Australia back in January.

22. Italians battled the quarantine loneliness by singing from their balconies.

23. Crayola helped promote inclusivity by releasing a box of crayons with 24 diverse skin colors for children all around the world.

24. John Krasinski decided to help sharing good things that happened in 2020 with his new YouTube series simply called: “Some Good Things”.

25. Amazon remade many of its boxes so now they could be transformed into cardboard forts and castles to give another fun activity for the kids.

26. After many people finding themselves in the similar position, the world has finally started appreciating those who work from home.

27. Health care workers, essential workers, and teachers are finally recognized for the heroes they truly are.

28. NASA named one of its headquarters after Mary W. Jackson, who was the first Black female engineer working for the company.

29. News reporters started working from home, and this brought us a few hilarious moments with their pets!

30. Inclusivity is on the rise! This was shown during the latest Academy Awards, when the Best Picture award went to “Parasite”. This was the first international feature film ever to win this award!

31. “Friends” finally reunited!

32. So did the “Perks and Recreation”.

33. The toilet papers tend to run out of stock, but this only makes bides more popular. While it may sound ridiculous, this is actually really good not just for our behinds, but also for the environment.

34. Musicians and bands started organizing concerts from home and streaming them online – usually, for free.

35. Home cooking has become much more popular, and this is always a good thing for our health.

Home cooking has become much more popular, and this is always a good thing for our health.

36. A 6-year old became a hero when he saved his little sister from a vicious dog attack – and all the celebrities praised him and expressed their gratitude!

37. Many famous babies were welcomed during 2020, and the new parent list includes Anderson Cooper, Ashley Graham, Jenna Dewan, and many more.

38. When we’re talking about babies, a couple from Dubai welcomed quadruplets amidst pandemic, and the entire world cheered.

39. Even though most museums are closed because of the pandemic, many have opened virtual galleries or video tours. This isn’t the same as the real visit, but it’s better than nothing.

40. Americans rushed to foster or adopt pets, so they can have some company during these difficult times.

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