5 Signs of a Bad Agent in Milwaukee

Real estate agents are just humans, meaning there are good ones and bad ones. But how to know you’ve run into a bad agent in Milwaukee?

Are you looking to sell a house, but don’t know where to start? Then, your neighbor gave you a number of a real estate agent who’s helped his aunt sell a house, and they sound just perfect! You sign a contract, list a house, then… nothing. No one is calling you, no one is coming to your open houses, in fact, it seems like no one even heard about your house for sale!

Is there something wrong with your property, or did you just happen to run into a bad agent in Wisconsin? While it is possible your Milwaukee home simply isn’t overly attractive, in most cases, it is the agent’s fault if no one is even coming to see it.

Here are a few signs of a bad agent you need to be vary of!

Not Enough Experience

Having less than two years of experience is a bad sign for an agent who needs to sell your house. Sure, they need to get their experience from somewhere, but house selling is not the way to do it – especially if it’s your house they’re selling. An inexperienced agent won’t have all the necessary contacts that are useful during house listing. Not to mention they might not even have the know-how! If they miss an important date or misfile paperwork, it can ruin the sale of your Milwaukee house, and you don’t want this. Also, an agent without the necessary experience won’t have the negotiating skills they need to get the best price possible. Unfortunately, all of these are signs of a bad agent for your house sale.

Lack of Communication

You should be on the line with your agent all the time. If you wait to hear from them, this is a red flag and a clear indicator of a bad agent. Thanks to modern technology, there are several ways your real estate agent could stay in contact with you, such as text messaging, email, or even video chat! All of these are methods your agent could use to keep you updated. Even if nothing has happened, a good agent should still contact you from time to time, just to let you know you are on their mind and they’re doing all they can. A bad agent, on the other hand, will ignore you until you give him a call.

Bad Marketing

Your agent should do all they can to advertise your property. The more people see your listing, the bigger the chances of finding a good buyer are. This typically requires much more than just putting a sign in your yard and posting your listing on one website. This ‘Post And Pray’ method rarely has any results and, without good marketing, you’re most likely to stay with your house unsold. A good real estate agent will do the hard work of posting your house on many different websites, maybe even social media. Sure, you might be required to pay an additional fee for these marketing services, but they greatly increase your chances.

Wrong Priorities

There’s one thing you should know about real estate agents: They don’t have a fixed salary but instead work for a commission fee. The more expensive the property is, the more money they’ll get. While this should never be used as a way to discriminate against some clients (or, rather, their properties), many agents still tend to prioritize luxurious properties compared to the less expensive ones. But, how can you be sure your agent is treating you like a ‘lesser’ client? Look for lack of communication, little patience for answering questions, showing up late for appointments, sometimes there will be even pressured to decrease the asking price without any reasonable explanation. All of these are signs of a bad agent who didn’t set his priorities straight. A good real estate agent will always help you determine the right price for your property, take his time to explain everything, and they’ll be there for you at any time.

Nothing’s Happening

Finally, the biggest sign of a bad agent is if nothing’s happening. The real estate business is based on results. If there are no results, they are bad at their business. It’s as simple as that. If it’s been weeks since you’ve listed your property, but there are no showings, no calls, and not a single potential buyer, it’s time to give your bad agent a call and discuss the next step. If they don’t have a back-up plan, it’s time for them to go. In fact, this might even be the sign that it’s time for you to change your entire selling method!

What Can You Do?

If you’ve realized you have a bad agent, what are your options? This is extremely stressful, especially if this isn’t your first bad experience. While you might want to look for a better agent in Milwaukee, another thing you might want to do is change your strategy and opt for a direct sale of your property.

A direct sale means selling your house to a real estate investor, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC. While not as popular a method as listing with an agent, it still has several advantages you can use. Unlike your bad agent, they won’t care if you have a property that isn’t as valuable – in fact, they’ll gladly take a rundown property off your hands! They are here for every individual seller, and they would love to spend time communicating with you on all your options. There are no complicated contracts that might put you in front of a dead-end if you decide to get out of the deal like that is the case with a bad agent. At the same time, they’ll pay in cash for your property, meaning you won’t have to waste time waiting for the bank to approve the payment, or worry about the sale falling through. And the best part of it all – they can close the sale extremely fast, sometimes in just seven days!

Don’t waste your time on a bad agent – Sparks Property Investors LLC is buying houses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Contact us today for an ALL-CASH offer! (262) 288-0580

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