5 Things To Know About Investing in Multi-Family Properties in Oak Creek

When looking for your real estate niche, one good option is investing in multi-family properties in Oak Creek. In this post, we offer a few things investors should be aware of before buying duplexes, quads, or an apartment building in Oak Creek. 

Do you want to diversify your real estate portfolio? Investing in multi-family properties in Oak Creek is a great way to do it! With one transaction, you can quickly be the proud owner of several rentable units, all of which can provide you with a steady income each and every month. Before you jump into multi-family real estate investment, there are a few things you should know. Here are 5 things you should know about investing in multi-family properties in Oak Creek.

Finding The Right Tenants

Once you become a landlord, your main goal should be to find yourself a long-term tenant that will pay bills on time without you having to remind them too often. Also, you should probably find someone who won’t complain about every time they hear footsteps outside their apartment. The best tenants are reasonable, easy going, but they will also quickly report a serious problem if it occurs. Ideally, you’d want to find compatible neighbors, respectful people and tenants who would want to stay long term.

You’ll Have Unique Repairs

Making repairs to a multi-family home or apartment building is a bit different than repairs to a single-family home. For example, if flooding occurs, it could damage many units, thus meaning more repairs and a larger dent in your rental income. You will have to deal with multiple uninhabitable units, which means less money coming in the door. Many investors will allow for at least 5% of your profits to go toward routine maintenance and anther 5% to capex expenses including painting, roof repairs, etc. That said, you’ll be able to make these repairs much easier. For example, replacing the roof on a 12 unity apartment building will be much less expensive than replacing the roofs on 12 single-family homes. Before you buy a multi-family property in Oak Creek, make sure you understand the condition and what it will cost to attract the right tenants and quickly get the property rented out.

Disputes Between Tenants

Sometimes, disagreements between tenants do happen. You should know how to deal with this and what rules you should set up. This is done best if you write everything down in your lease, together with consequences if these rules aren’t respected. The landlord should be the one who will create the plan for solving these issues. Hopefully, everything will be solved peacefully, but sometimes a professional mediator might have to involve if the situation is escalating. Especially if the troubles between neighbors start piling up. You may end up hearing complaints about the smallest of things! This is why it’s important to solve any disputes as quickly as possible.

Living There Can Help

One “hack” new investors often use, is to buy a multi-family property in Oak Creek, and live in one of the units themselves. This will allow the investor to buy a multi-family property of 4 units or less using an FHA loan. An FHA loan has a much lower interest rate than the other loans you can get to purchase an investment property. There are some strings attached to an FHA loan, however. One of those being that you need to live there yourself for a while before you are able to rent out the whole building. While you may not like the idea of moving into a multi-family property, in most cases, the rent from the other tenants will pay off your loan, allowing you to build equity while living for free.

Know Your Numbers

Before making any investment, you’ll need to do the math. Make sure you understand the expenses and the income generated by the property. What you have left after paying the bills is your net operating income. You should also understand the cap rate, the local vacancy rate, and the rate of return. Make sure to get it all on paper from the previous owner so you know exactly what you are walking into. If you know the vacancy rate, for example, you will know how many units you need to have occupied at any given time to turn a profit.

Before you buy a multi-family property in Oak Creek, make sure you have run the numbers and done your homework. Investing in multi-family real estate can offer less competition and a higher rate of return when the right properties are found. Our team can help you find the best multi-family properties for sale in Oak Creek!

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