5 Tips For Moving In The Summer in Milwaukee

Most people decide for moving in the summer – but there are some tips you need to be mindful of during this time.

In the US, most people move between May and September, placing July at the middle of this time frame. There are plenty of reasons why homebuyers in Wisconsin would prefer moving in the summer compared to other seasons.

For example, there is the advantage of summer holidays, meaning move will be easier for the kids. This is also the time when many workers can have some rest, so they can manage to snag some free time.  

However, this doesn’t mean moving in the summer isn’t without its downsides. Here are five tips on how you can make this experience more enjoyable.

1. Reserve Movers Well In Advance

 As we’ve mentioned, most people will move in the summer compared to other seasons. This means movers and moving companies will be rather busy at this time, so you might need to book them well in advance. This will not only ensure you can move on the desired date, but it can also save you some cash, as movers tend to raise their prices for emergency moving in the summer.

2. Watch Out For Heat

Even in Milwaukee, the heat can get the best of you. It’s important to have plenty of water at hand at all times. Moving can be physically exhausting, and this can make you sweat even during winter. When the sun is up, this is magnified several times. Make sure you take plenty of water and other hydrating drinks, as well as light snacks, with you all the time.

3. Look After Elders, Kids, And Pets

During the move, we assume your house will be full of boxes, moving equipment, and movers. This means there isn’t plenty of space to hide from the heat, which might be dangerous for those sensitive to high temperatures, such as elders, kids, and pets. Air condition won’t work well, since you’ll have to keep door open most of the time, and you might have already removed window units from the house. The best idea would be to have the elders and kids at your friend’s or neighbor’s house, and to have your pets in pet day care. This way, everyone will stay safe.

4. Look After Movers

Even though they are people you’re paying, movers are people, too, and they too can end up feeling unwell during summer heat. Have extra water lying around for them. Cold damp towels help, too. These people have probably worked all day, and they probably have more houses once they’re done with you. Help them get through this day with as little trouble as possible.

5. Take Care Of Your Belongings

Not all items can withhold summer heat. When moving in the summer, you have to be careful how you pack your things. Some items, such as candles or wax figures, could melt in hot moving trucks and even cause permanent damage if they melt onto other belongings. Shrink-wrapped clothing can also end up ruined, just as any CDs and vinyl records. Make sure which things can be stored in the heat and which can’t, so you know what to pay extra attention for.

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