6 Common Home Seller Fears and How to Face Them

Stress of selling a house

Does the thought of selling your Milwaukee home stress you out completely? If you just think about strangers walking through your home you go into full panic mode? Your heart frantically jumps when you think of all the obligations that are awaiting you? You shiver at the thought of inspection rating your home badly? Are all these home seller fears making you feel like a crazy person?

Good news? You are not alone. According to HSF, 55% of homeowners that are looking to sell their house would like to have more information about the process so they wouldn’t have to worry about these common home seller fears.

The bad news is… These home seller fears can ruin your chance of selling your Milwaukee home before you’ve even started.

We’ve looked at some of the most common home seller fears and gathered some advice on how you can deal with them, so you can proceed on selling your house full of confidence.

#1: Fear that the House Won’t Sell

Just the thought of it makes your head boil. You’ve repaired everything, you’ve made the arrangements, and maybe you’ve even contacted a real estate agent in Milwaukee. Not to mention all the money that you’ve spent on all those preparations! And then… months pass, and nothing happens. Your house just won’t sell.

One way to prevent this is to understand the factors that improve the chances of selling your house. Is the price right? Is the property in good enough condition? Did you check out the other houses on the market and done everything you could to make your home stand out? It is really important to research before putting your house on the market, and knowing that you’re prepared will make your fears smaller. If you want to make sure that you sell your house fast and to prevent most of those home seller fears, another option is to contact a direct buyer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not only will you be paid in cash and you won’t have to worry about all of the preparations, but also you will sell your house fast and easy.

#2 Fear that the Home Will Be Underpriced

Even though maybe you don’t want this house any more, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have valuable memories of it, or that you don’t want to make the best deal possible. Still, waiting for your house to sell costs you money for bills, utility expenses and mortgage – if you have one. What if, after all that trouble, your house sells for too low? This also is a realistic scenario. Contacting a real estate agent can help, as they will put your house on MLS which will improve your chances of selling your house, however this doesn’t mean that you will be free of additional expenses. You can also try to sell your house on your own, so you can set up the price for yourself and not waste any money for additional help – but realtors are prone to mistakes and what if they’ve made one while calculating the value of your house? If you sell your house to a direct buyer, you can be sure that you’ve been offered the best price, while also not having to worry about paying for any repairs, as most direct buyers, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC, are willing to take your property as-is.

And if you need more help about dealing with your emotions while selling your house, this article may help you deal in depth with your home seller fears.

#3 Fear of Theft

If you want to sell your Milwaukee house, you will have to open the door to the visitors. Even if you decide to sell your house without any property showings, your house’s address will be public and easy to find, which is a safety hazard. Just knowing all of that probably makes you anxious, and one of the more common home seller fears is the expectation that someone will cross the boundaries and try to steal something from your house. Sure, you’re trying to get rid of your old property, but you still don’t want your belongings to just disappear! Especially if you own something that is of higher value. Not just that, but unwanted visitors may also damage your property and reduce the price of your home. One of the ways you can make yourself feel safer while selling your property is to install the security cameras and to always have yourself or a friend inside the home that is put on sale. Keeping your lights on during the night also helps unwanted visitors know that someone is still inside the property.

#4 Fear of the Inspection

One of the more frequent home seller fears is the fear that the deal won’t fall through after the inspection is over. Who knows, maybe the reports will state something that you didn’t even know was a problem? No matter how much time you’ve spent on cleaning, repairs and other maintenance, property inspection may find something that a common person won’t notice, and then the buyers will most likely decide not to continue with the sale. If that happens, it can also bring you a bad reputation and lower your chances of selling your Milwaukee home. This scenario can easily be prevented if you hire a home inspector on your own. That will cost you some more money, but you can find and correct any problems beforehand, so a new crack on the wall won’t scare potential buyers. Sure, your buyers can always insist on hiring their own inspector, but this way you won’t be taken by a surprise.

#5 Fear that Buyers Won’t Gain Mortgage Financing

Just imagine. You’ve made a deal, found a perfect buyer, and then – the deal is cancelled because they can’t afford to pay the mortgage. Not all potential buyers can get their loans approved. You should always insist that the bid is accompanied by a document from an established lender as a proof that a sufficient loan has been preapproved. Another way to prevent this fear from coming through is to sell to a direct buyer, as they will pay you in cash and there is no need to worry about bank loans and credits.

#6 Fear of Being Forced to Move Early

In the past years, houses would close after 60 to 90 days. Today, that period is usually no longer than 45 days. But what if that is too soon for you and you need more time to vacate, even if you have started necessary preparations on time? Maybe you still haven’t found a right place to go, and you don’t want to end up living with your parents-in-law?

If you sell your house to a direct buyer such as Sparks Property Investors LLC, we will close when you are ready! There is no need to worry about being forced to move before you are ready and you can take as much time as you’d like to prepare for everything. Take your time packing and saying goodbye to your old house and don’t rush. At the same time, as we are ready to buy your house NOW, you don’t need to worry about unnecessary expenses that come when your house sits on the market unsold.

Still worried about selling your Milwaukee house? Don’t worry! Contact us today or give us a call at (262) 288-0580 if you want to sell your house fast and without any stress!

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