6 Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling in Milwaukee

You have spent weeks and hundreds of dollars preparing your house for sale, listed it, and you have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting… There is nothing more desperate for a home seller than when your house isn’t selling! Sometimes, this is a sign that you have done a thing or two the wrong way.

The average waiting period for a house to sell varies from state to state, but most houses sell between 65 to 93 days. However, if you want to earn good money, your property typically has to sell in the first month after listing. Anything longer than that may get you wondering why your house isn’t selling.

Having your house sit on the market without buyers anywhere in sight is extremely frustrating. Not only that, but it is probably costing you money. Holding costs can pile up and even make the sale unprofitable in the end. This is why it’s always suggested to sell your house to a direct buyer if you need to get rid of it fast. Otherwise, you may end up paying thousands in utilities and maintenance costs. However, if you have decided to list your home none the less, here are several possible reasons why your house isn’t selling in Milwaukee – and how to fix those issues.

1. Wrong Price

For your house to sell fast, you have to value it appropriately and to list it at the right price. If you are listing your home for a too high price, no one will want to spend money on it. On the other hand, listing your property for too low may end up with people wondering what is wrong with the property. This is why you should always contact a professional appraiser before setting the price for your home. Even though this sounds like just another unnecessary expense, keep in mind that when a house isn’t selling, one of the most common reasons is the wrong price. Also, if your house isn’t selling for more than three weeks, you should consider lowering price a bit.  

2. Bad Staging

Staging allows potential buyers to envision themselves in your home. Sure, they aren’t buying furniture, but it is essential for first impression. A home that is well staged is likely to sell faster and for a better price. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just place every bit of furniture you own in your home. A home that is badly staged may seem cluttered and too small. You shouldn’t use more furniture than needed and you shouldn’t leave any personal items, such as pictures or clothes, in the property. Buyers should be able to imagine themselves living there, and that is hard to do when other person’s items are lying everywhere. At the same time, if you have a well-staged home but scuffed paint, outdated fixtures or dirty floor, no one will look at the pretty furniture.

If your house isn’t selling, improve the way it looks. Hire a professional stager who will be able to notice flaws in your staging and who will point out what needs to be changed. Clean up your yard and do a new paint job. If anything is broken – fix it. Sure, it’s costly, but this is the only way to ensure your house sells.

3. Bad Curb Appeal

As we’ve mentioned in the previous post, first impression is of outmost importance when it comes to selling a property. If your home isn’t selling, sometimes the reason is a bad curb appeal. The yard maybe doesn’t look like a selling point to you, but believe us, it can make a whole lot of difference. If your façade is ugly or rundown, people won’t even bother seeing the indoors. You don’t want your property to look like a fixer-upper. Buy a few flowers for your front yard. Get a new fence if your old one is worn out. Paint the doors in some new, bright color. You can even hire a professional landscaper to help you out.

4. Unprofessional Photography

 If you are listing your house with an agent but your house isn’t selling, chances are you have unprofessional photos. Good photography is essential, especially in the age of COVID-19 pandemic, as open houses can’t be held. If your photos don’t show your property in the best light, no one will want to look at them. It’s important to take professional photos of your house. If you don’t want to hire a professional photographer – most real estate agents don’t have a photographer included in the listing price – take photos with a good camera. Never take pictures with your smartphone! Even if you think they are good, a difference will be noticeable.

5. Your House Is Unique

Having a unique property may seem like an upper hand. However, unique houses require unique buyers, which means that you will have to find that certain niche of people who may be interested. This may lower your chances of selling your house the traditional way. Huge homes or properties with some unusual features typically take more time to sell, which shouldn’t cause concerns, unless it really takes too much time to find a buyer. In order to sell a unique house, you need to determine who may be interested in buying it, then change your marketing strategy to aim at that target audience. There is also a chance that you will have to find some non-traditional place to list your home on, or even to print out flyers or create a mailing list! Focus on what made you purchase the house in the first place, then find someone who loves the same things.

6. There Is a Specific Problem that You Aren’t Focusing On

If you are getting calls but everyone decides not to buy, try getting feedback from every buyer that opted out of the sale. This likely means that there is some problem with the property or you as the seller that you aren’t addressing. When you get the feedback, you’ll know what is stopping your house from selling and you can start fixing the issue. Maybe the location is bad, or the home is too dark. You have to think like a buyer, which is why feedback is important.

What to Do if Your House Isn’t Selling?

If you have addressed all these issues – or if you don’t want to bother fixing them – and you still can’t sell your property, you can always contact a local direct buyer who will take your house off your hands. Direct buyers will buy your property as-is, which means that you don’t have to bother with staging, photographing or repairing it. You will get a cash offer and you’ll be able to sell your house fast. Sometimes, you will be able to close in just 7 days! If you have a problem selling your property the traditional ways, contacting direct buyers is the way to go.

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