6 Things To Do When Stuck At Home During Pandemic

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We can all agree that social distancing and being stuck at home during the Coronavirus pandemic isn’t the most fun we’ve had in our lives. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to waste your time sitting at home and doing nothing. There are ways you could have fun even while remaining in your home!

Sitting home doesn’t have to be a nuisance. Sure, you miss your friends, maybe you even miss going to the office every day. You can still use the free time you suddenly have to have a good time all by yourself and even to improve yourself in more than one way! Below are six fun and useful things you can do while being stuck at home during COVID-19 lockdown. 


Take an online course

You’ve always wanted to learn more about programming, but you’ve never had the time? Maybe you want to improve your English skills, but you are feeling uncomfortable in large crowds that are necessary when attending classes? Or maybe you’re interested in skills such as copywriting and SEO, but you’ve always thought the courses are too expensive? Well, this pandemic has brought some good news with it. 

A lot of educational organizations have decided to help people who are stuck at home during the lockdown by launching courses for gaining all sorts of skills – free of charge. Even if the course that you wanted to take so badly is still hidden behind a paywall, is there really something better that you could spend your extra money on right now? This way you will not only kill time but also learn a new skill that you could, later on, invest in making even more profit. Maybe this can also help you start working from home!

Watch the skies 

By now, you are probably flooded with information about free concert and movie streams, so we’ve decided to let you know there is something more unique on the internet right now, and those are sky streams! Yes, you’ve read that correctly. 

NASA has enabled everyone to take a virtual tour across space just by using their computers. From Lyrid meteor shower to the pink super moon, everything is available in high quality. You can see everything that is going on above you without ever leaving your living room chair! And not only that, but you can also enjoy watching aurora borealis in all its glory thanks to the Explore.com. Being stuck at home during difficult times can feel like a luxurious trip.

Adopt a pet

You don’t have to go through this alone. There are many animal shelters out there that still have to take care of poor, abandoned animals. All of them need homes. If adopting a dog or cat permanently is too much of an obligation, you can choose to foster. Most dogs can’t be taken for a walk as regularly during a lockdown and volunteers could use some help, while you could use a cuddling companion. 

Learn to cook new meals

All of us are expecting to get out of the lockdown with a few (okay, maybe more than a few) extra pounds. Why not use this time to learn to cook something healthy? Or maybe just to learn how to bake something new. There are plenty of cooking clips on YouTube, even on some TV channels. While you were in and out of office cooking was probably a nuisance, as you’d waste a lot of time that you didn’t have too much, to begin with. Now is the moment to stop wasting money on food delivery and become a new Jamie Oliver! 

Watch TV series

You know all those sitcoms and TV shows that you planned on finishing but never managed as you simply didn’t have enough time? When you’re stuck at home during a Coronavirus pandemic, you have more free time than you probably need! Get comfortable, make some popcorns or bake some homemade snacks, and spend all your evening on Netflix or HBO. Now is the perfect time to watch the last season of “Game of Thrones” or to binge-watch “Peaky Blinders”. You can even spend hours rewatching “Friends” or “How I Met Your Mother” for the tenth time without feeling guilty.  

Sell a house

If none of these options sound productive enough, you can always decide to sell your house. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Most direct buyers, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC, are willing to buy a house even during the Coronavirus lockdown. If you are facing foreclosure on your house or have found yourself in debt, this is a good way to get some financial help. Of course, everything is done safely and with precautions. House showings can be organized via recordings or video calls, meetings can be done on Zoom, even most of the paperwork can be signed digitally. Who knew you could even sell your unwanted property while being stuck at home during a worldwide pandemic! 

Some people decide to wait for the crisis to be over as they are unsure whether or not the prices of the property will drop, but this shouldn’t worry you. Most statistics say that now is a great time to sell your house and to buy a new one as the mortgage rates are hitting record lows. Waiting to sell your property costs a lot of money, so don’t waste time hesitating.


6 Things To Do During Covid 19 Lockdown
Wondering what to do during this pandemic? We will give you some great ideas on how to pass the time.

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