7 Packing Mistakes to Avoid – Advice for First-Time Movers

Moving is a stressful process as it is. If you’re making packing mistakes, everything is twice as difficult!

You’ve found your dream house, and the contract has been signed. The final step that is left is to move inside a new home. However, once you begin packing, you’ll realize that relocating isn’t as easy as it seems, especially if this is your first time. From organizing boxes to precaution measures that need to be taken, moving can take a tool on everyone, both mentally and financially. Here are some packing mistakes to avoid, that even more experienced movers can make, which can ruin your moving day.

Forgetting about Essentials

Moving isn’t something that can be fully completed overnight. Essentials need to be packed in a handbag that’ll stay with you, everyone already knows that. However, one of the most common packing mistakes is not including everything you’ll need – not just for a first night, but for an entire week. You never know what might happen during the move. Even if all goes well, you probably won’t be able to unpack everything in at least a few days. Because of this, your overnight bag needs to include things for more than one day. Make sure you keep important things nearby, and this includes clothes, towels, toilet paper, first-aid supplies, and even some tools!

Not Thinking about Unpacking

If you’re proactive when you’re packing, the dreadful unpacking process can go much more comfortably. In other words, you need to think in advance and have a plan where will each thing go. This can help you pack accordingly. Keep all your dishes in the same box with other kitchen items, and leave everything in the kitchen as soon as you arrive. Toilet paper can go together with bathroom towels, and if you’re moving in winter, your summer clothes can even go inside the attic. Smaller, miscellaneous items can go inside the Ziploc bag.

Not Taking Care of Fragile Items

Breakable items can, well, break very easily, and packing them the right way can be extremely stressful. Luckily, there are many online guides on how you should pack fragile items. A good additional advice is to use as much bubble wrap or recyclable paper as possible. Another important advice is to always make sure glass or porcelain doesn’t touch another piece of glass or porcelain. One of the biggest packing mistakes is leaning a breakable material onto another breakable material. If you can ensure enough space between two fragile items, everything will be much safer.

Overloading Boxes

Do you know what one of the most overlooked packing mistakes is? Overloading your boxes! You should never overload your boxes with heavy items. Boxes aren’t made for too heavy items, so you need to be mindful. One of the heavier items are books and magazines, and if you pack too many in one box, you’re in for a rough day. Books, magazines, and records should be packed in smaller boxes, so they don’t end up being too heavy. If you only have larger boxes, place a few books in them, then fill the excess space with some lightweight items.

Becoming Sentimental

Getting rid of old, beloved items is hard. Sometimes, however, you need to let things go. A lot of packing mistakes that can end up in creating clutter include keeping things you no longer need. In fact, you likely didn’t even realize you still have that old high school yearbook or photos of your first sweetheart before you started packing. As difficult as this is, it’s better to throw such items away. Not only will keeping them prolong the packing and unpacking process, but it can also result in bigger financial loss. Each box costs money, and the more boxes you keep, the more expensive the moving process will feel. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should throw away each and every memorabilia, but most of them you don’t really need.

Labeling Valuable Boxes

Labeling boxes correctly is one of the most important steps when packing. However, don’t make a packing mistake and label things too specifically. Not everyone needs to see where your expensive jewelry is, or where you’ve packed your new guitar. Use code names for anything that you think might be interesting to people who can take advantage of the chaos that occurs during the packing. This way, you’ll know which item is where, but no one else will know what exactly is in the boxes.

Forgetting to Take One Final Look at Your Property

No matter how detailed you were during packing, you should always go back and take one final look at every corner of your old property. This is the only way you can be certain you haven’t forgotten some important item. Did you check inside the oven and fridge? Or maybe you forgot to look inside the washing machine or underneath the cupboard. Now that the rest of your old place is swept clean, you should go back and look at everything one last time.

Bottom Line

Let’s face it. No one likes moving. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can avoid making the biggest packing mistakes that make everything so much worse. With a nice packing plan, you can even save money on the moving process! And if staying frugal is your goal, you could always consider selling to a reliable direct buyer, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC, as these companies will usually take all costs associated with a home sale upon themselves.

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