7 Things You SHOULDN’T Fix When Selling Your Home in Milwaukee

You already know that selling your home as-is isn’t a good idea if you’re taking the traditional route. But are there some things you shouldn’t fix?

Most of us think that the better the condition of the house, the bigger the buck you’ll get during the sale. However, it’s not that simple in the real estate industry.

While it’s true that houses in better condition usually sell for more, this doesn’t mean that all investments are good investments. In the end, you might spend more than you’ll gain in the added value.

But, how to know what to fix and what is better leaving as is? Here are seven things you shouldn’t fix when selling your home:

Expensive but Minor Cosmetic Flaws

Normally, you’d want your home to look flawless. However, some minor flaws are perfectly normal, especially if your house is old. There is no need to fix every single little crack in tile flooring. Of course, if the scratch is very visible or if there are many of them, it might be better to do some replacement.

Small Electric Issues

Usually, when you hear about electric issues, you want them gone ASAP. And true, sparking outlets, exposed wires, or faulty light fixtures need to be repaired quickly. However, you don’t have to deal with every wobbly socket or a light switch that doesn’t really do anything. Usually, even the house inspection will notice only that the specific socket needs some tightening, nothing more than that.

Driveway Cracks

One of the most important things you should repair when selling your home is curb appeal. But that doesn’t mean that everything has to be perfect. For example, no one will even comment on walkway or driveway cracks! These things are perfectly normal in Milwaukee because of soil movement or underground tree roots. The only time when you really should deal with them is if they are so big they pose a hazard.

Building Code Issues

Building code items sound like something an inspection will certainly report on – and it’s true, they will. However, this doesn’t mean you should spend thousands adjusting your home to current code standards. Building codes change over time, and a house built in the 1990s likely won’t meet current standards – and that is perfectly okay.

Partial Room Upgrades

Don’t deal with partial remodeling when selling your home in Milwaukee. These incomplete repairs never look good. If you notice your bathroom sink dripping, either let it be or renovate the entire bathroom. Anything in between will look bad, and it will seem as if you’re trying to hide something.

Removeable Items

Some items can add to the overall house appeal, tempting you to replace them. While this can sometimes seem to be a good idea, if these items are removable, you’ll be wasting your money for nothing. For example, if you feel like the curtain rods are too old, remove them but don’t replace them. While adding new curtain rods won’t really increase the house value, they might decrease it if you let them be.

Old Appliances

Sure, you cannot sell a house without appliances, or with faulty ones. However, this doesn’t mean you should buy the newest models. They won’t do much when it comes to adding value to your property. Try finding some used models that work and look good. They’ll do enough for the overall appeal, and they won’t cost you too much.

Can You Sell a House As-Is?

Yes, you can! In fact, if you want to sell fast, then selling your home as-is is probably the best option. However, you cannot easily do this if you list with an agent. Instead, your best option would be to work with a reliable direct house buyer, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC.

Sparks Property Investors LLC will buy your house no matter its condition. Old, with code violations, facing foreclosure – we’re here to help you! We’ll give you an ALL-CASH offer and you won’t have to pay for anything. We’ll deal with all the repairs and closing costs. Also, we’ll close the sale much faster than if you were to work with a traditional buyer. Sometimes, we might be able to close in no more than seven days. If you don’t want to spend months thinking about what upgrades you should and shouldn’t do when selling your home in Milwaukee, we’re your best option!

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