8 Facebook Post Ideas for Real Estate Investors

Facebook Post Ideas for Real Estate Investors

Do you want to attract more clients? A good way to expose your real estate investing company to a wider audience is to use social media. Using creative Facebook post ideas can be a great tactic.

The marketing world has changed. As Millennials are becoming more and more keen on buying houses, real estate companies have to adapt. Social media has become a standard for advertisement, and knowing how to master this tool is a must for every real estate investor who wants to make it big. Having creative Facebook post ideas can be what makes your company stand out amongst the competition.

Here are some Facebook post ideas that can help you make your business more popular and successful.

1. Create Polls to Learn More about Your Audience

It’s always a good idea to create posts that can help you learn more about people who follow your work. Polls and quizzes will require an active response, making them one of the best choices for this task. By doing so, you can know what your audience prefers and what to pay attention to. You can use this data to create personalized posts and to improve your services. This way, you can create a more effective marketing strategy.

2. Make Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to let your audience know you care about them and that you are not in this just for profit. Of course, you can just give away a house, but perhaps you can gift them some small house accessory, or maybe a free night at your rental property. This will also increase your audience, as everyone who wants to participate should have to share the post and like your page. Also, make sure you have regular giveaways, at least once every few months. This will create a fear of missing out, and everyone will make sure to follow your page for the next one.

Another good giveaway idea is to turn it into a contest inside the comment section. This will increase the traffic, while also giving gifts to people. Another good Facebook post idea is to use a specialized hashtag, which can lead people to previous giveaways and contests, as well as the winners.

3. Post Customer Stories

Take a picture of your customers in front of their new house. Ask home sellers to tell their story and what their experience was. Let everyone have a word on your page, as this can speak about your success rate. Customers love to do their research before they decide to make a purchase. At the same time, this can make people get a glimpse of your professionalism and personality from other people’s experience. Listings aren’t enough. Customer reviews are the most important reference any business can have.

4. Share Blog Posts

Blog posts are more interesting compared to pictures, especially when it comes to a real estate investor. By sharing blog posts, you are letting people know you are communicative, and more than anything else, knowledgeable about the industry. Share interesting topics. If there is a way to educate the audience – even better! Find out what might interest your average customer, then post about it. Write some question in the description, or make some controversial statement. Anything you can just to get the attention. Don’t go overboard, though!

A good topic is always a home-buying and home-selling guide for first time homebuyers and homesellers. Write advices on buying houses with little downpayment, selling your property quickly or finding the right property. It’s always a good Facebook post idea to let the reader know why they should contact you, and not someone else.

5. Make Weekly Series

If you want to be successful on social media, you have to post regularly. Once a day or once every second day is the recommended schedule. Having an active account lets your audience know you are engaged, and it will let them know they should come back to see if you’ve posted something new. A good way to ensure engagement is to create a weekly series. For example, every Wednesday post a new blog, or a new hint for first-time home sellers. Find some new Facebook post ideas that you can share as often as possible! Once again, it is a good idea to have a hashtag to go with this.

6. Share Inspirations

 People love post that will inspire them. Find inspiring, public posts and share them on your page. Let people entertain themselves by looking at pretty pictures of decorative homes, or perhaps of funny and unique looking houses. Share a few tips by yourself, or take great images of a house you plan to resell. Creative descriptions are also a good idea to help you boost posts.

7. Memes

Millennials love memes. Not everything about your page has to be serious. Posting funny images and memes is a great way to entertain your audience and to make them come back to your page regularly. If something is truly entertaining, people will share it without your encouragement. This is a great idea to let more people know about your business. Just make sure none of the jokes are offensive, as humor can be a risky tool. However, if you use them well, memes can be some of the best Facebook post ideas any company may have.

8. DIY Projects

Help your customers get renovation ideas. Let them know how they can do some repairs by themselves. People love DIY. Even if they never attempt to try them by themselves, there is a lot of things inspiring about watching people create something from nothing. Show them before and after pictures of homes you’ve repaired. Let them know how this process goes. Good Facebook post ideas can always help people learn something new. This can also increase your chances of getting a buyer fast, once you put the house for a sale.

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