9 Questions to Ask Realtor When Selling in Milwaukee

Are you selling in Milwaukee? Here are some questions you should ask your realtor beforehand!

When house selling in Milwaukee, you need to know which questions to ask your realtor. If you don’t, you might be agreeing to list with an inexperienced agent, who will make your selling process stressful – and he might even lead to you losing money.

Here are some things you should ask your realtor before house selling in Milwaukee:

#1 How Did You Form the Price?

Every real estate agent will have a listing price they’ll suggest to you. What you need to know is how they have determined it. If you set the right asking price, you are increasing your chances of selling your home. If the price is too high, not many people will want to buy it. However, if the price is too low, people will wonder what is wrong with your house. A good realtor has to know how to conduct a comparative market analysis and give you just the right price. If they cannot justify the price, there is something wrong.

#2 Do You Represent the Buyer?

When you’re selling in Milwaukee, you should be aware that it is perfectly legal for the same agent to represent both the buyer and the seller. However, just because something is legal doesn’t mean it should be like that. If a realtor represents both sides, they won’t be able to negotiate on your side, as a house sale is in their interest.

#3 How Will You Advertise My Home?

Marketing is the key to a successful house sale. It can let people know that you’re selling a house and what you’re offering. However, many realtors don’t advertise your home. They’ll list it and leave the advertisement to you. This is something you need to be aware of in advance.

#4 How Do I Get My Home Ready?

While the home’s appearance is an important aspect in home selling, many sellers spend money on things they don’t need, so they end up losing money. A realtor has to know how to answer this question and to point you in the right direction. If they are experienced, they will know to tell you exactly what to pay close attention to.

#5 What Are the Costs?

If you’re selling in Milwaukee, you surely want to profit. However, the selling price isn’t what you’ll walk away with. There are some costs associated with a home sale that you need to count on. Ask your realtor about commissions, closing costs and other fees. A good realtor will always know how much you’ll have to pay. Keep in mind that these expenses aren’t fixed, and they’ll depend on the selling price.

#6 How Many Houses Have You Sold?

 When you’re house selling in Milwaukee, you want to work with experienced people. If your agent has sold only a few houses, chances are they might reduce your chances of profiting. In fact, they might lead to you not selling at all! Always aim to work with someone who is successful in home selling.

#7 Do You Have Experience Selling in My Area?

This is one of the essential questions you can ask when selling in your neighborhood. You want to work with a realtor who is experienced in your area, as they can know the average house sale price, as well as what to pay attention to. However, nowadays the internet has made this question a bit less important than it used to be, as all the necessary information is just one click away. Still, it would be nice to work with someone who knows your area.

#8 Can I Cancel the Listing Agreement?

This is another essential question to ask. The answer will tell you all you need to know about the realtor’s integrity. This is why: Once you decide on an agent, you will sign an agreement that usually lasts 6 or more months. Chances are that during this time you cannot opt-out of the agreement. In other words, your agent will get paid even if you aren’t satisfied with how fast they sold your house.

#9 What Percentage of Your Listings Have Fallen Through?

If the number of failed sales is too high, this means you’re dealing with a buyer who doesn’t know how to deal with buyers. Sure, there are many reasons a sale can fall through, but large numbers speak of a realtor’s incompetence. Overall, anything larger than 5% is concerning. Don’t go selling in Wisconsin with an agent who has a high number of failed sales.

Can You Sell a House without a Realtor?

If you don’t want to go selling in Milwaukee the traditional way, you can opt to sell to a direct buyer, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC.

Working with a direct buyer is a great way to sell your house fast in Milwaukee without any agent commissions. While not every direct buyer is the same, working with Sparks Property Investors LLC will help ensure you are receiving a fair price and a fast closing. We will buy your Milwaukee area house as-is, closing within just a few days.

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