Another 40 Good Things that Happened in 2020

This last year has been a rocky journey for everyone. As is adequate for Christmas, we’ll try to focus only on good things that happened in 2020, so we are continuing with our list.

2020 has been a rocky journey. The global pandemic and economic crisis have shaken the world to its core. Many people have lost their loved ones, and even more of us have had our health at stakes. With all of this, it’s really hard to focus on good things that happened in 2020, but we have to try to stay positive and to keep the spirit of holiday.

Of course, we’re not trying to minimize the tragedies that have been occurring worldwide. Many people are in pain and even more have been spending last previous months struggling. It’s perfectly fine to not see a silver lining in such uncertain times.

Still, it’s Christmas Eve, and we have to at least try to cheer some people up. Some good things did come from this lockdown, and many people have discovered creativity and strength they never knew they have in them. Many hard-working people work from home, so they are finally able to spend more time with their families. Activism as well is on the rise, and people are doing everything they can to try to change the world for the better.

Yesterday, we have created our list of top 40 good things that happened in 2020. Today, we have decided to continue it.

Here is, in no particular order, a list of another 40 good things that happened in 2020.

  1. Many celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Lizzo, and John Legend, have organized several online performances to raise money for charities.

2. Nigerian-Irish teens have developed an app that can help people living with dementia.

3. Despite the new coronavirus threat, WHO has finally declared Africa polio-free.

4. Bigland family from UK had a heartwarming reunion when their cat who was missing for three years was returned to them.

5. With people forced to spend more time indoors, nature has finally made a comeback, and the autumn was prettier than ever.

6. We can’t talk about good things that happened in 2020 without mentioning that Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to prison for his sex crimes.

7. J-Lo and Shakira wowed us all with their Super Bowl performance – back in February when such performances were available and considered safe.

8. Polish women protested against new abortion restrictions in their country, resulting in that same law being delayed and possibly even annulled.

9. Elon Musk welcomed his seventh child with his girllfriend, singer Grimes.

10. The Pentagon released footage of “unidentified aerial phenomena”. Even though this wasn’t new footage, the fact that Pentagon acknowledged it might be a UFO is a big thing.

For the first time in 3000 years, Tasmanian devils have been released into the Australian wild.

11. Twitter held an unflattering dog photo challenge

12. …as well as an unflattering cat photo challenge, and the pictures were hilarious.

13. MentalFloss published this fun list of lesser known inventions of famous inventors, and some of them are really surprising.

14. A man from South England, Phil Heckels, drew hideous portraits of people’s pets and raised money for charity after selling them.

15. For the first time in 3000 years, Tasmanian devils have been released into the Australian wild.

16. A man from Mexico provided shelter for 300 dogs from Hurricane Delta.

17. Zoom weddings are now a thing.

18. San Jose resident donated his collection of baseball cards to a 9-year old who last hers in a fire.

19. Harry Styles left a note and feed the fish of a superfan after his car broke in front of her house.

20. People have started reading books just for fun again.

21. Brad Pitt finally won his first Oscar.

22. Streaming services have enriched their offer of smaller, lesser-known movies.

23. Late nigh talk show hosts are forced to stream from their homes, introducing new special guests – their children.

24. Restaurants had to be super-creative to enforce social distancing between their walls, and this includes mannequin guests, pool noodle hats, and bumper boats.

25. An opera was held inside a Barcelona theatre, in front of a unique audience consisting of household plants.

26. Reporters working on Zoom have brought us several comedic reliefs, including a time when an ABC reporter didn’t realize the world could see he’s not wearing any pants.

27. “Bachelor” announced his series dedicated to seniors.

28. As graduation commencements have moved to Zoom, many celebrities decided to join in and surprise graduates.

29. Sure, we may have gotten a bit fatter, but one of the good things that happened in 2020 was people becoming more creative with the food they make – there are even new recipes for turning pancakes into cereal and similar.

30. Sweatpants and T-shirts are back in fashion.

31. Christmas decorations are out early, so everyone could enjoy a nice view during quarantine.

32. Many new movies are now released online, for a smaller price than cinemas.

33. Road trips in nature are more popular than ever.

We have finally understood the importance of having our friends and family members close to us.

34. A principal from North Carolina high school surprised all of his senior students with yard signs to cheer them up, as all celebrations were cancelled because of COVID-19 pandemic.

35. A Wendy’s manager gave food to a tired truck driver as an act of kindness.

36. A retirement community in Connecticut started delivering sweet surprises to its residents every Friday to help them feel better.

37. Even wine tastings have gone virtual!

38. The world united fighting for inclusivity and showed support for Black Lives Matter movement.

39. USA got it’s first black woman vice president-elect, Kamala Harris.

40. Do you want to know perhaps the most important of all good things that happened in 2020? We have finally understood the importance of having our friends and family members close to us.

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