Are there Mandatory Repairs after a Home Inspection?

You’ve found the right buyer. You’ve signed the agreement. And then, the home inspection comes and finds many things wrong with your house. Are you liable for all the repairs necessary?

One of the final steps when you’re selling a house is a home inspection. An inspection allows the buyer to check out your home thoroughly and to make sure everything is as good as it seems. Not everything can be seen during a house viewing, especially if it’s done online, which is why you as a seller should be well prepared.

Some issues that can arise during a home inspection may be critical if you want to proceed with a home sale. Some others probably won’t influence the sale that much. While you have to fix some issues, others can be looked over, or they might affect the sale price.

Here’s how you can find out what repairs are necessary – and which things you should look closely beforehand, so you can be certain your Milwaukee house is ready for the sale.

Which Repairs Are Mandatory After a Home Inspection?

Legally, there are no mandatory repairs once a home inspection is done. What does this mean?

Inspection can find many things wrong with your house, from mold, pests, and chemical contamination, to plumbing issuers and roof damage. Some repairs are necessary to make your home habitable, while others simply influence the overall appeal of your property.

In short, you as a seller should take care of any other issues that can be health hazards or structural risks to the property. According to law, you don’t have to, but otherwise, you probably won’t find a traditional buyer willing to move into a house when they need to invest a fine amount just to make it livable. The fixes that may be mandatory if you want to sell a house after a home inspection are:

  • Water damage or mold.
  • Pest infestation.
  • Fire damage.
  • Electrical hazards.
  • Chemical hazards.
  • Code violations.
  • Trip hazards.

While all other problems ruin the appeal of a property, the house is still ready for new homeowners, and you are not the one responsible for cosmetic issues – although it would help if you deal with them, as well.

Can You Finalize a Sale Without Doing Repairs?

The answer to this question is the key when determining ‘mandatory’ fixes after a home inspection. What you need to repair, in the end, depends on your state and your buyer’s requests. Sometimes, lenders won’t issue mortgage unless a property is in the best condition possible, and you can’t find a good buyer until you do these repairs. Also, most of the time a buyer will opt out if you’re not willing to meet their requests. Even though these things sound like they’re the buyer’s problem – truth is, you need the buyer to be able to complete everything with as little hustle as possible, as you need to sell your house to them.

Who Pays for the Repairs after the Home Inspection?

The state, as well as the contract you’ve signed, decides who’s liable for making repairs to the property. For example, in Wisconsin, seller is the one usually liable for the repairs, unless agreed differently in the contract. You as the seller will have to finance any necessary fixes, or the buyer has the rights to opt out of the sale.

In a buyer’s market, making sure your house is in a top-notch condition is very important, as otherwise it is almost impossible to compete with other sellers and sell your house the traditional way.

Can You Hire Your Own Inspection?

Sellers can hire their own home inspection. In fact, this is a recommended step. If you utilize your own inspection in Milwaukee, you’ll know what needs to be fixed beforehand. This way, you don’t have to worry about buyer’s inspection finding something that you’ll need a lot of time to fix.

Can You Sell a House without Making Repairs to Your House?

As we’ve already mentioned, nothing is legally preventing you from listing your house without wanting to fix any of the issues it has. However, the chances of finding a buyer this way, especially in a today’s market, are next to nothing.  This is why you’ll have a better chance working with a prominent direct buyer in Milwaukee, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC. A direct buyer will typically buy your house as-is, which means there will be no need to make any repairs. In fact, most direct buyers won’t even request a home inspection, which makes it a true as-is transaction. At the same time, Sparks Property Investors LLC will pay you in cash, which means you’ll get your money as soon as possible. And we can close the sale sometimes as quick as seven days! There’s no need to waste any more money than you already have.

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