Cute Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Old House

Selling a home you loved is difficult. It sounds silly, but if you say goodbye to your old house the right way, it might ease the moving process.

The day to leave the house you’ve lived in for years is likely to come eventually. Sometimes, the stress of leaving the place you’re used to is more devastating than the moving process itself. It is never easy to say goodbye to your old house, especially if you have many lovely memories of it. However, it has to be done.

If you feel like you owe your house a proper goodbye, don’t worry, this isn’t silly or unusual. In fact, this is a pretty normal step that many homeowners like to take before their move. We have gathered a few nice ways you can honor your house before you move.

Visit Every Room

Walking room to room and reliving special memories you had in each is a cute way to say goodbye to your old home, while feeling emotionally fulfilled. Talk to your family members about mutual things you have done, or any funny experience you had in each corner of the house. Maybe you spilled your lunch inside the dining room right before guests came, so you had to clean everything in a rush. Or maybe your son drew on the walls of his room, forcing you to repaint it without a professional help. Remembering sweet things that happened is a good way to prevent any bitter feelings you might have about your move.

Gather Seeds from Your Garden

Does your home have a backyard that you love, filled with beautiful flowers or even fruit trees? While you probably have to leave the grown plants behind, there is nothing stopping you from taking seeds from plants with you. This is a cute way to bring a piece of your old home with you. Not to mention that it is a cost-effective way to breathe life to your new garden.

Make a Painting of Your House

Another great way to bring a part of your old home with you is to commission a painting of your old house. Walking away is difficult, but if you bring a cute painting or drawing with you, you’ll always have something to remember your house by. You can hang it into your new house, so you can bring back good memories with just one glance. You can also take a great photograph, frame it and place it somewhere on a shelf, as a nice way to say goodbye to your old house, while also bringing it with you.

Organize One Last Family Dinner

Your old home is probably one of the places where you and your family gathered the most. Why not relive that moment for one last time? Organize a barbecue in your back yard, and invite your family and friends over. Make cocktails, take group photos, and have the time of your life. You’ll have a few more memories to think about, and you’ll get rid of at least a portion of the stress. Not to mention that dinner is always a good way to say goodbye to your old house.

Leave a Trace

No, it’s never okay to leave garbage in your house, so don’t even think about it. However, you can add something personal to your old place. Carve your name in some hidden place that won’t ruin the value of the house, such as under the roof. Maybe even leave a note for the new residents, explaining to them why you loved living in this place. If there is some ‘secret’ feature of your house, leave a letter about it in some hidden place, so new owners can eventually find it. All of these things are cute, while also not harming the overall appeal of the property.

Record a Video Tour

Videotape every room of your property before you take all your things away. Maybe even videotape it later on, so you know how it looks like empty. Video recordings are a good way of remembering everything precisely how it was. Maybe even record some funny moments, just so you have something nice to look at later on. Videos can be much more emotional than photographs, and one final recording is a cute way to say goodbye to your old house, and to keep it remembered. With a bit of humor and a decent camera, even the moving process can become a nice memory.

Make a New Home Your Dream Home

Finally, the best way to properly say goodbye to your old house is to do everything you can to make your new home a dream home. Decorate it to your liking, plant those seeds in your new garden and hang the photograph of your old house. This way, you’ll still have a piece of your old home, while living a life in a property you’ve always dreamed about. Take a house-warming party, just like you did prior to your move, just to feel more at home quickly. Changes are difficult, but they are necessary for your growth. Keep your old home in the best memories, while you start a life in the new one.

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