How To Deal With Bad Tenants In Milwaukee – 6 Great Tips

how to deal with bad renters

Are you tired of dealing with bad tenants in Milwaukee? Is your tenant constantly complaining? Whether it is the property itself or the location of the property, attracting the wrong type of tenant or owning a bad investment property can be expensive and frustrating. Below, we offer 6 tips for dealing with bad tenants in Milwaukee! 

Owning an investment property occupied by bad tenants can destroy your property’s profit potential. If they aren’t paying rent on-time, disturbing their neighbors or other tenants, causing damage to the property, or having more people living in the house than they should, you could end up losing a lot of money. Don’t let your investment property become a burden. Check out our 6 tips for dealing with bad tenants before they end up costing you time and money!

Keep Your Cool

If a tenant is in violation of the lease or is otherwise being a nuisance, your reaction can determine the outcome of the situation. Things can be even worse if the tenant is abusive to a landlord, but acting in anger, defensively, or failing to listen to there side of things will always escalate the problems. Instead, take an objective approach to what is going on, making every effort to resolve the situation peacefully. They might even complain all the time. Thinking what can I do?

Remind Them Of Their Lease

If you have a tenant who isn’t holding up to their end of the deal, take a minute to remind them of what their lease entails. Highlight specific sections and let them know exactly where they are in violation. Sometimes a simple miscommunication can lead to someone violating there lease when the hadn’t meant to. For example, consistently parking in the wrong spot, restrictions on pets, or limitations on guest staying in the house.

Call In For Backup

If you don’t have a property manager helping you out, it might be the time to hire one. A property manager will be responsible for collecting rent, dealing with complaints, and imposing fines if needed. When you work with a qualified property manager, they will handle the dirty work for you so you can sit back and collect your rent check each month.

Work Out A Compromise

Although, there are some common problems faced by tenants, if you are dealing with bad tenants in Milwaukee, it is best for both of you to try and reach some sort of common ground. While bad tenants can be frustrating, they are human. If you try to get to the root of their problems they may not be so bad after all. Maybe they are parking in the wrong spot because their car won’t fit anywhere else. Or maybe they have taken in a pet for a family member who is recovering from an illness. There are lots of reasons why people violate their lease. Before getting to upset about the situation, try to take a softer approach to find out exactly what is going on and the reasoning behind it. You may even be able to get them to see your side of things without any further conflict. 

Ask Them To Leave

If you are dealing with bad tenants in Milwaukee, you can simply ask them to leave. If a tenant knows that eviction is on the horizon, they will likely want to leave the property before any official documentation has been filed. Let them know why you wish to terminate the lease and let them know there will be no repercussions if they simply walk away. Going through the eviction process can be expensive and time-consuming for a property owner, so sometimes having the tenant walk away is in the best interest for all parties involved.


If it comes down to it, you can always resort to the eviction process. While this process isn’t fun for anyone, sometimes it is necessary. When evicting a tenant in Milwaukee, you will need to make sure everything is filed properly, with the correct documentation. Missing one step of the process could put you right back at square one.

If the eviction process is definitely the choice that you want to make, make sure that you do it the legal way by reading this article on Wisconsin eviction laws.

Creative Ways to Get Rid Of Bad Tenants

  • Raise the rent
    • If you are not excited about your bad tenants living on your property for another minute, but they are not exactly violating your lease, consider raising their rent. Be sure to check with your state and local laws because there might be some restrictions on how big of a percentage you can raise their rent.
  • Non renewal of lease
    • Are you asking yourself, “How will I tell my tenant I’m not renewing the lease?” Typically, you can send your tenant a professionally written notice (within the legal time frame outlined by your state) explaining that their lease will not be renewed. Simply, ask them to look at their current lease that explains your move out policies (including move out inspection period) and how they can be sure to receive all of their security deposit after inspection period. Click here for a Wisconsin Landlord/Tenant guide. Overall, be sure to check your local tenant/landlord laws, or ask a lawyer to do it for your.
  • Help them find a new place to live
    • Even if you are unwilling to, the fastest way to make your bad tenants leave is to help them find a new place to live in. Point them to a local community services that help people find a housing. If they weren’t too bad of a tenants, maybe even recommend them to a local landlords. Just be sure that you won’t be burning any bridges this way! If they truly were so bad tenants that you couldn’t deal with them any longer, other homeowners probably won’t be too happy with them either, and then they might show their rage on you who praised them.
Sell my house with tenants
  • Bring a full threat of legal pursuit
    • You can’t send your big and strong friend with a pipe to force those bad tenants out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t threaten them the other, legal ways. Hire an attorney (or pay your attorney friend with couple of beers) and ask them to send a letter to your tenants. You can always threaten lawsuits, ruined credit, collections, deficiency judgments and garnished wages.
  • Offer Cash for keys
    • This may be another way to deal with bad tenants that you won’t be to happy with, but you can always bribe pay your tenants couple of bucks to leave your property. In the end, having in mind the costs of the eviction process, this is way cheaper for you, and it just may make your unwanted tenants move away a lot faster.
  • Find (& prove) illegal activity
    • Keep this in mind. Most states allow for expedited evictions if your tenants are breaking the law. Especially when it comes to abusing illegal substances or participating in gang related activities. Sure, you can’t just enter their living space without their permission, but you can always do a little… inspection, while inside the property for things such as maintenance or repairs. Still, even here are some lines that you can’t cross. You can’t ransack their personal belongings, rooms and closets, as this is considered an invasion of privacy. But you’d probably be surprised to find out how often times people just leave their drugs or paraphernalia on an easily visible spot.

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