How to Decorate Your House to Sell – 6 Tips

How to Decorate Your House to Sell

The process of selling your house can be a long lasting one, especially if you list on MLS. Luckily, there are ways to make everything go smoother, and that is to nicely decorate your house to sell.

When buyers like your house at a first glance, you will have a higher chances of making a quick sale of your property. This is why it’s important to nicely decorate your house before you list it for sale. There are even various TV shows, such as “Designed to Sell”, focused on teaching viewers how to turn their cluttered, boring properties into an exclusive property. Below are some tips on how to decorate your house to sell, so you can sell your house as fast as possible.

1. Hide Personal Photos

The best way to make someone decide that your property is the right one for them is to help them envision themselves living in your house. If they can see faces of unknown people everywhere they turn, they will hardly be able to feel like they’re at home. This is why the first thing you should do when trying to decorate your house to sell is to remove any personal belongings, especially family photographs.

2. Declutter

If your house is crowded with unnecessary things, it’ll be difficult to make the viewing enjoyable. Not only that, but too much stuff lying around will make it even harder to decorate your house to sell.

Throw away anything that you don’t need. Organize everything in boxes if necessary and remove it from your property. Most importantly, don’t just throw away everything in the garden! A lot of people will want to view your back yard and you don’t want to ruin the appeal. Decluttering your home will not only make it easier to sell your property, but it can also help you lead a better lifestyle in the future.

3. Use One Style for Your Whole House

If you have many ideas when planning on decorating your property, it might seem like a good idea to style every room differently. However, too many styles can be distracting and in worst case scenario it’ll make your whole house look like one big mess. When decorating, you’d always want to keep the look of the entire house cohesive.

Rugs are a cheap addition that can change the look of everything. Just be sure that you pick the rug that is the correct size. The color of the rug should be complementing the style of the property. If your house is modern, don’t use the ornate rug. Instead, opt for a rug that is in one color, or has an abstract pattern. If you have a cold, sharp space, use plush rug to soften it.

4. Keep the Color Palette Neutral

Colorful homes can look more happy and unique, but they will also look more personal. Not everyone will like the same color palette, and you’d want to make your house appealing to all generations and lifestyles. This is why you should always go for neutral color palettes. You don’t have to stick with beige when you decorate your house – grey tones can also look beautiful. If you think it’ll look dull, you can always add some brighter or darker details or even add mirrors or some nice but not too distracting plant to brighten everything up. If you need the room to be spacious, just add mirrors to make a space feel brighter and bigger. This can make everything look spacious and warmer. Apart from entryway, good spots for mirror placement include above the fireplace and in the living room. Just be sure that everything is completely neutral.

5. Think about the Location

All styles can be equally appealing to your buyers and you should try to cater to your property. However, one trick that little sellers think about is to keep in mind the location of your property when decorating your house. A traditional look, full of woodwork and old-fashioned decorations will look great in urban or suburban areas, while modern and minimalist look will be great if you’re selling a flat in the city center. Go one step further – if you are selling a house in the mountain, make everything look more country, and if your house is in the suburbs keep it as the middle ground between modern and traditional.

6. Make Sure Everything Flows

Just think about it. You did everything you could to decorate your house to sell, everything looks pristine, and then the potential buyer opens those rusty cabinets and they end up stuck. Or the appliance doors knock on the walls and other kitchen elements. Even if it all works, the buyers won’t appreciate having to go zig-zag just to reach the end of the room.

Make sure that everything flows just the right way. Getting stuck in dead ends won’t do your sale well. Arrange everything so the visitors don’t have to turn around and go back and keep in mind that everything should open so that nothing gets in the way.

Can You Sell Your House As-Is?

If decorating your house for sale sounds like too much fuss, don’t worry – there are ways to sell your house as-is. In fact, most direct buyers such as Sparks Property Investors LLC will buy your house even if it isn’t in the best condition. You don’t even have to decorate your house to sell it to them. And the best thing – direct buyers will almost always pay you in cash, so you won’t have to think about banks and waiting to get your finances. When working with Sparks Property Investors LLC, you won’t have to think about additional expenses such as commission fees and closing costs. And if you need to make your sale as fast as possible – we can close the sale for as quickly as a week!

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