How to Decorate Your House to Sell in Winter – 7 Useful Tips

If you have a house to sell in winter, you probably already know that the time period is against you. However, with just a few decorating tips, you might be able to increase your chances of selling.

Selling a house in winter can seem like a hopeless task. The number of buyers is down, and it seems like the entire market is hibernating. With the COVID-19 threat still being very real, what can you do if you have a house to sell during winter in Milwaukee?

The good news is that just a few decorating tips can make a huge difference. Open houses are still a rarity, but there are many ways potential buyers can view your property. If you add a few touches and improve its appeal, you can beat the competition and perhaps even make a relatively fast sale. Below are a few tips and tricks that can help you decorate your house to sell this winter.

1. Improve Curb Appeal

You might think snowy sidewalk adds a sense of romanticism to your house. However, it only makes your house look poorly maintained and messy. Clean the snow from the pavement, and ensure that the outdoor space is nicely defined. Snow can make everything look dull, and it actually hides the true potential of your garden. You likely can’t clean the entire front yard – and it’s better to leave snow than to expose mud or dirt – but at least try to mark the edges of your property. Also, make sure there is no ice on the deck, so everyone can walk to your property without any issues. If the climate isn’t too bad, leave the outdoor furniture, such as benches. This can help buyers envision spending time outside.

2. Show How the House Looks during Warmer Seasons

This one is easy if you were planning on listing your house to sell for some time. Include the pictures of your house during summer time on your listing. Also, have a catalogue with these photos on the kitchen counter or the dining room table. Winter isn’t the best time to show your house in the best possible condition. This sounds like quite a lot of work and preparation – and to be honest, it is. However, this is one of the most useful things you can do to increase your chances of selling.

3. Enlighten Everything

Winter is known to be one of the darkest times of the year. Without sun, it’s harder to notice all the beautiful details your home has. Retract blinds and make sure the curtains are widened. This will allow more daylight to enter the rooms. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the lightbulbs to see which ones make your home look its best. All details are important when you have a house to sell in winter. Some lightbulbs have warmer hues, while others have colder or more neutral ones. For example, a bathroom typically looks great with bulbs that imitate daylight, while larger living spaces look their best with soft, white bulbs.

Another good trick is to combine lights with reflecting surfaces such as hardwood. A home looks amazing with great lights and hardwood floors that light can bounce from. Outdoor lights are very important, as well. Not to mention clean windows!

4. Paint

If you are looking to arrange your house to sell in winter, forget about neutral colors. Go light! Painting walls in white, or in bright colors, can make everything look better during a cold, gloomy day. Just don’t go overboard! A light peach color might be perfect to contrast the blueness of the winter weather.

5. Warm Everything Up

When decorating your house to sell, you need to think about your buyers. Even if they are looking at properties on the internet, they are probably grateful to be in the comfort of their warm home during cold winter weather. This is why one of the best things you can do is to make your house look as warm and cozy as possible. Your property will be inviting people to come inside on its own! Add unscented candles when needed, and place fluffy pillows on your sofa. Lit a fireplace for additional light and warmth. Use rugs where you see too much empty space.

6. Remove the TV

Leaving the TV inside your living room can have some disadvantages. Big, dark squares can turn people away, as they are too distracting. If you can’t take it out, leave a recording of a fireplace playing on it. This will bring additional brightness.

Also, once you have removed the TV, you might notice you could move your furniture and rearrange the room so it can look even better. When you have a house to sell in winter, every small step counts.

7. Be Careful with Seasonal Decoration

During the holiday season, you might be tempted to go overboard with Christmas decorations. Using seasonal decorations when you’re preparing your house to sell can be a good choice – as long as you’re being moderate. For example, a big Christmas tree can be a great way to emphasize your high ceiling, and a snowman is a cute addition for your front yard. However, a huge reindeer in front of your property will likely scare people away. The same goes if you go overboard with accents. This can look as if you have something to hide. Not to mention that not all people love the Christmas spirit, and you don’t want to push potential buyers away.

Does This Sound Like Too Much Work?

Even if you do all the things just the right way, there is never a guarantee that your house will sell during winter, especially when you try to do it the traditional ways. The number of buyers is reduced, and most real estate agents won’t bother with extra advertising without an additional fee. Even then, your sale might stretch. Some people who have a house for sale end up waiting for months before the deal is made. If you want to avoid all the trouble of listing your house to sell in Milwaukee, you can always contact a local direct buyer, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC.

We at Sparks Property Investors LLC will buy your property even during the winter season. We’ll make an as-is purchase, meaning you don’t need to worry about any additional expenses or repairs. Also, we’ll pay in cash, so you can have the money in your pockets as soon as possible. We understand the times are hard, and we want to help you with everything we can. In fact, we might even be able to close the sale in just seven days!

Are you looking to sell your Milwaukee, Wisconsin property during winter season? Sparks Property Investors LLC is here to help! Contact us today for an ALL-CASH offer! (262) 288-0580

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