How to Prepare Your House to Sell in Milwaukee

Having a house to sell in a buyer’s market is tough, but with a few tips and tricks, you can do it!

Do you have a house to sell in Milwaukee? The current market isn’t looking that great, but you may still be able to sell your property. However, you may have to use some selling tactics to make it more appealing to the potential buyers.

How to Prepare Your House to Sell?

Selling a house isn’t as easy as it may seem. You don’t just list it on MLS as is and the buyers will swarm your place, looking to purchase it. If you want to ensure your house sells, preparation process might take months! Even then, you may have to wait additional few months just for the right buyer to come. If you are ready to take the risk and get to work, you’ll have to upgrade it and to repair all that wear and tear damage it sustained over the years. Below are some tips if you want to know how to prepare your house to sell in Milwaukee.

Take a Walk-Through

Imagine you’re the buyer and take a walkthrough of your house, room by room. Try to look for any signs of damage, as these will lower the value of your home. Some of the common problem spots are:

  • Wood rot, especially around door and window frames
  • Water stains
  • Leaks around sinks or toilets
  • Discoloration on hardwood floors
  • Bulges under carpet
  • Cracks on the wall

All of these indicate that something is seriously wrong with the house, such as leaky pipes or roofs.

Next step should be testing the functionality of everything inside your house. Make sure that every door can close properly without making noise. This includes cabinets, as well. All handles need to be in place, and everything that doesn’t work as it should needs to be repaired. Don’t forget to check the front yard, as well.

Make Sure You Know the Age of Everything

Even if your house looks picture perfect, buyers will want to know the age of everything. This question might pop up in the middle of the conversation, and you have to be prepared. Guesstimates aren’t good enough; you need to have all the paperwork available to prepare your house to sell. If you can’t find the receipt from your air conditioning, try to dig out the dates of the last service. Ensure you know when all big repairs have been completed, and this includes your HVAC, water heater, roof, and gutters. If you notice that anything is outdated, try to upgrade it or to get a new one.

Hire an Inspection

A traditional sale of the home likely means you’ll have to deal with the inspection right before the closing date. To ensure they don’t find anything, take the upper hand by hiring your own inspector before you list your house to sell. A professional can notice many things that you would never pay any attention to, such as outdated plumbing or bad wiring. Most inspectors cost somewhere between $300 and $500, but this is nothing compared to the money and time you might lose if the closing date gets delayed. Also, this way you can rest assured knowing that now you have a list of everything that may be wrong with your property.

Renovate – But only what’s Necessary

Now that the inspector has told you everything that needs to be redone, it’s time to make a list and decide what parts really need to be renovated. Repairing everything eats up too much of your money, so unless you’re really willing to give all in, think about mandatory things. Certain fixes are necessary if you want to find the right buyer, so some cash needs to be invested.

Don’t focus too much on the cosmetic issues. Sure, cabinets may be old, but chances are new owner will replace them anyway as they aren’t up to their taste. Instead, focus on functionality and repairing of items and home parts that don’t depend to a person’s preferences. Upgrade hardwood floors, insulation, and the roof. These parts of the house are essentials, and everyone wants a house that is safe. Get a new fence and replace old doors and window frames. Make sure the bathroom looks nice. These repairs might be costly, but they will pay off in the end.

Sell Your House to a Direct Buyer

When you have a house to sell in Milwaukee that needs to be sold quickly, traditional sale won’t work, especially not in the buyer’s market. When the supply overgrows demand, buyers will be picky, and you’ll have to invest more money in your property than you normally would.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid all this trouble, and that is to sell your house to a reliable direct buyer, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC. Direct buyers will purchase your house as-is, so there is no need to sink any money on unnecessary repairs and renovation. Chances are an inspector won’t even be needed! We’ll also close the sale quickly, so you don’t need to waste anything on holding costs. Even if your house isn’t in such a great condition – don’t worry! We’ll take it upon ourselves to repair everything after the sale. Not only that, but we’ll pay in cash, so you can get your money as quick as possible. Times are difficult, and we’ll do all we can to help you get through them.

Do you have a house to sell in Milwaukee that needs some repairs? Sparks Property Investors LLC is buying houses! Contact us today for an ALL-CASH offer! (262) 288-0580

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