How to Sell Your Home with Pets – 6 Steps

If you have pets, you are probably aware that selling a house isn’t as simple when they are around. There are some special things to consider when you want to sell your home with pets.

No matter if we own cats, dogs, hamsters, fishes, parrots or hedgehogs – We all love our pets dearly. However, if you’re trying to sell your home with pets you are probably aware that this isn’t as easy as it might seem. Not all buyers will be happy to see evidence of animals being inside the property they’re trying to buy. Even though open houses are rarely a thing now that we’re dealing with a worldwide pandemic, you need to take special steps when you want to sell your home with pets currently living in it.

Clean Your Yard

The first thing everyone will look at is your yard. This is also the part of the property that most people forget about when arranging their house to sell. Whether you’re photographing your home or holding an open house, no one wants to see (or even worse, step into) a dog poop right in front of your house! Make sure everything is pristine clean. Throw out even your trash cans, so they don’t smell like dog feces if a potential buyer is about to walk in. If your pets destroyed patches of grass, find a way to fix it and make it unnoticeable. If a cat scratched your wooden fence, repaint it. If you don’t have the time to fix everything properly but you have to sell your house with pets living in it for years, at least try to mask everything for a photoshoot or an open house!

Hide the Evidence

In many ways, pets are like our children. One of these ways is that we love to accumulate their things, such as toys, leashes, collars, water and food bowls and Halloween costumes. While this is cute, you have to understand that this is just clutter. If you don’t want to throw all of their stuff away, hide it in a closet or a laundry bin.

Remove the Smells

Let’s face it. Pets can leave terrible odors that some pole mind more than others. Removing these smells is probably the hardest part when it comes to cleaning behind your animals. The first step would be to us a bacteria-eating pet odor remover. However, if this doesn’t work, you should hire a professional cleaning agency that can clean all your rugs and carpets. Sometimes, though, the odor tends to return. If this keeps happening, the best thing you can probably do is replace the carpets.

If you have animals living in cages or tanks, such as turtles, fishes, or hamsters, ensure their enclosure is sparkly clean. Clean them daily for a while, if necessary, to ensure smells don’t come back.

Clean the Hair from Furniture

If you have a cat or a dog, you probably know how much their hairs can leave the apartment looking messy. Not just that, but animal hair can cause allergies, and the last thing you want is having your home buyer feeling unwell. Before each showing (and before you take any pictures of your living room!), make sure you have vacuum-cleaned and dust every inch of the room, to ensure there are no hairs left. You can also buy a vacuuming robot, such as the well-known Roomba, that can work on its own even several times a day.

Don’t Leave Your Pets inside Your House

While we know this isn’t an option for everyone, if you want to sell your home with pets, you really should consider leaving them with your neighbor or a family member. If no one is ready to take them, confine them to some safe space, such as a crate or a kennel. Make sure they have things to do, so give them some toys, treats, and water. No matter how well-behaved your pet is, you never know how the buyer will react to them. Also, talk to your vet and let him know that strangers will be coming over to your house. Being confined while there are strangers coming by, or moving location constantly, can be very stressful for your furry friends, and you’d want them to have all the care in the world.

Make Sure You Have Adequate Insurance

In case you decide on having an open house and you just don’t have a place where your dogs or cats can stay, make sure your insurance can cover any injuries from your pets. While we are certain your pooch is harmless, you never know how he’ll react with a stranger inside the property. Some insurances won’t cover injuries made by stereotypical aggressive breeds, such as pit bulls, and if additional coverage exists, it’s rather expensive. If you do have pit bulls or other dogs that are perceived as dangerous, maybe the best thing would be to keep them in a dog kennel. While we agree that it’s sad how some breeds are stereotyped, not everyone knows how to behave around animals, and it’s better to not risk it.

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If you don’t feel like confining all your beloved companions, or if the cleaning bills are just too much, don’t panic – you can always contact a reliable direct buyer, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC. We are pet lovers and we won’t mind checking out your property, even if it isn’t cleaned or brushed. As we purchase properties as-is, you don’t have to worry about calling cleaning professionals or repairmen. We’ll pay you in cash, and we can close the sale much faster than traditional buyers, so you won’t have to keep your pets stressed for too long. Not to mention we’ll ensure the entire process is completed safely, as we are living in crazy times.

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