How to Recognize a Good Rental Property in Milwaukee

Rental property is always a nice addition to a real estate investor’s portfolio. However, picking a good one can be tricky, especially when there are so many houses on the market. How can you choose the right one? Are you looking to find a good rental property in Milwaukee? Rental properties can be a really … Continued

What Happens to Joint Mortgage after Divorce?

It’s always devastating when a marriage ends. Not just that, but most people have to sell their house after divorce. What happens to your joint mortgage if this happens? Break-ups are always emotional and messy. Everything only gets worse when you’ve shared assets together. Most people don’t know what happens to their joint mortgage after … Continued

How to Sell Your Fixer Upper – 6 Tricks

Listing a house typically includes a beautiful property that someone invested a lot of money into. When you’re trying to sell your fixer upper, things get a bit more complicated. Trying to get rid of your rundown property isn’t an easy task. If you want to sell it the traditional way, by listing it on … Continued

Can You Get a Mortgage after Foreclosure?

A few things are more stressful than going through foreclosure. Fear of not being able to get approved for a mortgage after foreclosure might be close to it. Everyone can experience financial hardships. Sometimes, even foreclosure might happen. For many people, this is a terrible process that is hard to go through. Not only you … Continued

How to Locate an Abandoned Property in Milwaukee?

Many real estate investors decide they want to try to invest into an abandoned property. However, it’s not like you can simply find a listing of an abandoned house on the MLS, or see a ‘For sale’ sign right next to it. How do people find an abandoned property for sale? An abandoned property is … Continued

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Foreclosure Proceedings

Many people think that if they ignore the foreclosure proceedings, the punishment for missing mortgage payments will just go away. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Foreclosure is one of the worst things that can happen to any homeowner. Anyone can end up in debt. Traumatic and costly life experiences such as divorce, … Continued

What Does the Foreclosure Process Look Like?

No one wants to go through foreclosure. This is one of the worst experiences any homeowner can go through, but almost no one knows what the foreclosure process looks like.   Mortgage Bankers Associations estimates that every three months, 250,000 new families go through foreclosure. As the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic are yet to be … Continued

5 Things You DON’T Want In Your Milwaukee Investment Property

Buying an investment property in Milwaukee is a great idea. However, there are some things you DON’T want the property to have. Keep reading to find out what they are! Purchasing an investment property in Milwaukee is an excellent idea for many reasons. It can help you add income and build wealth much more quickly … Continued

Should You Sell Your House after Divorce?

A divorce is one of the most traumatic experiences in most people’s lives. Having to get rid of the former family home is like adding salt to the wound. You are probably wondering is it really necessary to sell your house after divorce. Selling a house is stressful. Going through a divorce is probably even … Continued

Can You Stop Foreclosure with Mediation in West Allis?

All homeowners are dreading foreclosure. This process is the nightmare of every citizen, especially during difficult times. Luckily for you, there are ways you can stop foreclosure, and one of them is mediation. If you are a homeowner struggling with finances, you are likely in danger of being late on your mortgage payments. This can … Continued

How to Sell a Unique Property in Milwaukee – 6 Tips

Selling a home is a difficult process on its own. Having to sell a unique property is a task on a whole different level! Many people who have homes incomparable to others have trouble finding buyers for them. Despite this, selling a one-of-a-kind property isn’t impossible. A unique home is a property that can’t be … Continued

How To Sell A Distressed Property in Milwaukee

If you have to sell a distressed property, you probably think there isn’t much you can do. However, there are several options, and you might even end up profiting. For those who need to know how to sell a distressed property in Milwaukee, we’ll cover the options you have available. Traditional listings for this type … Continued

6 Reasons Why Your House Isn’t Selling in Milwaukee

You have spent weeks and hundreds of dollars preparing your house for sale, listed it, and you have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting… There is nothing more desperate for a home seller than when your house isn’t selling! Sometimes, this is a sign that you have done a thing or two the wrong way. … Continued

A Direct Sale vs. Hiring an Agent When Selling Your House in Milwaukee

If you’re contemplating selling your house in Milwaukee, you’ve probably heard that there are more options than you have previously thought. Two of the most popular ones are direct sale and listing with an agent. Considering selling? You may be wondering about which is the better option, a direct sale vs. hiring an agent when … Continued