Should You Sell a House to a Real Estate Investor in 2021

Choosing to sell a house to a real estate investor is becoming a more and more popular option in the latest years. Is this the way you should do it in 2021?

Should you sell a house to a real estate investor instead of working with an agent? This isn’t a question we never heard asked. As the economy is in a bad condition, many homesellers are trying to find alternative ways to sell their property, but are scared to make a final decision.

While selling to an investor isn’t as common as listing your property on MLS, it is still an option that is growing in popularity. In fact, in moments when your finances and the overall market can change in just a few weeks, it may be a great idea to work with them instead with a real estate agent. Here is why it may be useful to sell a house to a real estate investor instead of listing with an agent in 2021.

They Buy Homes As-Is

If you have a rundown home, then selling your house to an investor is a good idea. In fact, most agents won’t even look at your property if they notice it is in a bad condition. The best that might happen is them requesting you to do all the necessary repairs before listing. With investors, this will never happen.

They will purchase your home knowing its condition, entirely aware of what they might need fixing. Of course, the amount of repairs will influence the price, but they won’t give up on your house just because it isn’t ready to move in. They won’t ask you to fund the repairs or to give them money for upgrades.

They Can Help You with Foreclosure

When economy is down, the number of foreclosures is rising. Millions of people are losing their homes as they’re not able to pay their mortgage on time. Financial struggles can happen to the best of us, and we hate seeing hard-working people taking such a huge damage on their credit report because of a few difficult months.

If you are risking foreclosure, you can sell with a real estate investor. This way, you can still end up with some cash in hands – and some dignity. Instead of being kicked out of your property, you can sell it, and walk away with your credit score intact.

They Don’t Ask You to Relist

When you work with a real estate agent, in most cases you’ll enter an agreement that states a certain time frame during which you have to sell your house. If you fail to do so, you’ll either have to relist with the same agent or find a better one. This means you’ll have to devote more time to somewhat unnecessary things.

Real estate investors aren’t looking for a buyer who will purchase the property. They are the buyer. They don’t just agree a mere cooperation with you, but the entire sale. This means that a sale won’t fall through.

They Don’t Ask You to Pay Advertisement

Whether you are working with a real estate agent or selling your home on your own in 2021, any marketing expenses will be passed on to you. Naturally, the more you spend, the better your advertising vehicle and reach to the public. As a part of the marketing plan, you’ll need to have your home picture perfect. However, when you make a direct sale of your property, these costs are thing of a past.

They Help You Get Rid of Holding Costs

The monthly costs of homeownership can add a lot of pressure, especially if you’ve already had to relocate for work or personal reasons. These costs can run into the thousands, including taxes, mortgage, insurance, utilities, and maintenance. If your home is aging, repair bills are usually depleting your funds on a more regular basis and can be extremely expensive. The financial burden and personal stress can add up quickly. By choosing a direct sale, you could quite literally save yourself thousands!

They Close the Sale Fast

Some sales need to be done urgently. Traditional sales take a lot of time, and you may spend months waiting for the right buyer. In the end, your property might not sell at all. When you sell with a reliable real estate investor, you’re not risking spending thousands on holding costs. As long as you’re the legal owner of the property, you’re the one liable for all the bills and mortgage rates. With an investor, you can sell in just seven days! Say ‘No more!’ to the holding costs and long sale processes.

They Pay In Cash

Money is crucial in times of economic crisis. When you sell a house to a real estate investor, you’re working with a team of people who understand personal hardships. We live in difficult times, and we have to be there for one another. This is why paying in cash is the best possible option. Working with banks takes time, and traditional sales can fall through. With us, you’re saving yourself from the risk of not selling your house in time. Who wouldn’t want to have cash in hands as soon as the sale is completed?

They Allow You to Choose the Closing Date

If seven days sounds like too short of a time period, don’t worry. No real estate investor will force you to close the sale that fast. Moving can be a difficult process, both physically and emotionally. If you think you need some more time to say goodbye to your property, you can have it. And if you haven’t yet found a new place to stay, we might even be able to arrange a deal and you can stay as a tenant until you find a new home. When you sell a house to a real estate investor, you shouldn’t be feeling like someone is forcing you out of your property.

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