Should You Sell Your House When You Retire?

If you plan on finally getting some well-deserved rest, you may wonder, should you sell your house when you retire?

One of the first things many people in Milwaukee need to think about when they consider retiring is whether or not they should keep on living in their current home. Some retired people prefer to downsize from a house they used to live in with their children and grandchildren alike. Others, however, dislike the mere thought of moving, and would want to stay inside the same property for as long as possible.

So, which one is a better choice for you? Should you sell your house when you retire? We’ll go over a few benefits and a few downsides.

Why You Should Sell Your House When You Retire


Sadly, many people go into retirement without many savings. If you choose to sell your house when you retire, you can get an influx of funds, especially if the market is right and if you have plenty of equity. This is a good way to earn some extra money for your retirement fund.

Tax Break

You may also be able to sell a house with a tax break. For example, if you lived in the house for two out of five years from the sale date, you may be able to exclude up to $250,000 of the capital gain from the property sale if you’re single. If you’re married, the amount doubles!

No More Maintenance Costs

Homes need to be maintained, and the longer you own a house, the more maintenance you’ll have. This is especially the case if you’ve bought the home to serve as a huge family house, but now you live alone. The larger the property, the higher the taxes and the maintenance cost. This can sometimes be a huge problem, especially if the house has some features that could pose a problem for elder people, such as stairs. Selling your house would help you get rid of these issues so you could find a home more suitable for you.

You Could Buy Your Ideal Home

The perfect home for a young adult and a retiree probably doesn’t look the same. For example, when you’re young, chances are you were looking for a home that is close to your workplace and large enough for your entire family. Nowadays, however, you’d prefer a home closer to your family, which costs less to maintain. Selling your house and moving could help you a lot in this aspect.

Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home When You Retire

You May Not Be Able To Buy A New House

Not everyone can buy a new house right away. This means you’ll resort to renting, which means you’ll pay less money initially. In the long run, however, this can end up much more expensive than if you stayed in your old house. If you don’t get paid in cash or wait for a traditional sale to come through, you may also end up losing money. However, if you don’t have much equity, you may not have enough money to even consider purchasing a new house.

Selling House Is Stressful

Not everyone likes to change their environment. Mentally, it might be easier to just stay in the same house you’ve spent years in. If you have the finances to do so, there is nothing wrong with that. Many older people have spent decades in the same house, and the thought of leaving all of that behind is not easy. Sometimes, it’s better to just stay where you are, for your mental peace.

The Best Way To Sell Your House When You Retire

 Not all selling methods are the same. Many retirees choose to sell their house the traditional way, as this is the only method they are aware of. However, if you’re looking for a quick, stress-free way to sell your house and get that cash, your best option might be to sell your house to a direct buyer, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC.

Direct buyers buy your house and pay you in cash. This means you’ll get your money much quicker than if you were listing with an agent. Not just that, but we’ll take care of all the expenses for you. This includes holding costs, any leftover mortgage, or any debt for utilities. You won’t have to spend a cent! At the same time, we’ll buy your house as-is, so no repairs or any other investment have to fall on your back. In fact, if you’d like, we can even arrange movers and pay for your moving costs!

Do you want to sell your Milwaukee, Wisconsin home stress-free? Sparks Property Investors LLC is buying houses! Contact us today for more information! (262) 288-0580

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