The Rippling Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic

the effect of covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic didn’t impact just our health, but our everyday life. The effect of COVID-19 was unpredictable and unexpected, even for the experts. What will this mean for our future?

The lockdown is lifted from most parts of the US, but that doesn’t mean that the effect of COVID-19 pandemic is over. The crisis is still ongoing and we will most likely have to deal with it for years and years to come. What are some spheres of life that are yet to experience the full effect of COVID-19 lockdown?

Impact on Mental Health                                                          

The mental health has especially been under the effect of COVID-19 lockdown during past few months. Records show a historical increase in depression and anxiety cases. This is just worsened by the stay-at-home orders and advices of physical distancing. We feel like every day brings uncertainties and new worries.

At the same time, what is concerning is the potential rise in suicide rates. This is exacerbated by social isolation that is promoted as a prevention measure, as well as the lockdown that was in a lot of countries impacted by COVID-19. It’s important for all of us to stay in touch with our friends and to be there one for another, especially in these difficult times.  There are numerous things we can do to lessen the effect of COVID-19 on our mental health and it’s important that we take care of more than our physical body.

Impact on Unemployment

Millions of people in the US have already lost their jobs due to COVID-19 crisis and experts fear that the worst is yet to come. Various researches estimate that around 81% of the global workforce has had their workplace fully or partially closed. The full effect of COVID-19 pandemic cannot be estimated and that is what worries many. The worst thing is that small businesses are not the only ones directly impacted by the lockdown, such as barbers, cafes or beauty industry. Even big companies such as the airline industry have to let go of a big number of their employees. In fact, the US economy probably hasn’t experienced such a big shock in the last 100 years.

Impact on Pets

Although it has been proven that pets can’t spread COVID-19, many people were so afraid of the disease that they threw their animals away. This lead to an increase in abandoned pets all over the world. Also, people in poor neighborhoods have another problem, as pet shops are closed and they are left without food for their four-legged friends. Many low-end pet shops are left with dead animals, or animals that won’t be adopted.

Another worrying effect of COVID-19 that animal experts fear is whether or not the so-called ‘lockdown puppies’ will be abandoned once the quarantine ends. Many people have adopted pets so they won’t be alone during the lockdown, but what will happen once we return to normal life and job obligations?

The Impact on Inequality

People with low income are more likely to contract the COVID-19 and to have more severe outcome. Low income neighborhoods have extremely larger number of sick individuals than richer ones. One of the reasons behind this is that people with lower income usually live in crowded housing and work low skill jobs which are deemed essential – such as working in supermarkets. In the US, low income people also have problems with accessing health care, as most of them don’t have insurance. Also, a lot of these people have lost their jobs, which further increases poverty.

The Impact on Cancer Mortality

Sadly, another effect of COVID-19 is that the cancer diagnostic and treatment has been put on hold. Many patients had to have their treatment paused because of its immunosuppressive impact which was deemed dangerous in the age of Coronavirus pandemic. However the full consequences are yet to be seen.

A big number of cancer patients had to postpone their check-ups, or even treatments. This is especially bad if you were already on chemotherapy that you now have to delay. Studies estimate that if cancer diagnostic and treatments remain shut for more than half a year up to 60,000 cancer patients might unnecessarily die. At the same time, the number of diagnosed cancer cases is dropping. This doesn’t mean that the cancer has gone away – it simply means that fewer patients have the possibility to get their diagnosis.

The Impact on Domestic Violence

The effect of COVID-19 even lead to the increase in the number of domestic violence cases. People who lived with abusive partners now have found themselves stuck in homes with their abusers, and getting away from them increases fear of legal repercussions due to the lockdown that was in force. At the same time, several aspects of this ‘new life’ we are leading right now, such as financial insecurity, stress and fear have lead to increased aggression, and we express it in the only place we can at the moment, and that is at home. If you are in risk of domestic violence, here are some helpful resources.

The Impact on Housing Market

The full effect of Covid-19 on real estate industry and housing market will be noticeable in several months, maybe even years. The demand is decreasing, and many houses have been removed from the market. At the same time, many homeowners that planned on selling their house have decided to wait, fearing open houses and strangers walking through their home. There are number of precautions that are in force when selling houses during the Coronavirus pandemic. This means that if you are willing to buy a property during the COVID-19 crisis, there are good and bad sides. The flaws mostly lie in the fact that the competition for good homes is rising, as there is the decrease in housing resources. On the other side, the interest rates are low, which is great for your mortgage.

COVID-19 is a wild card and our previous experiences with its impact prove that everything about it is completely unpredictable. The economic uncertainties are bringing most people away from wanting to buy a house, and the reasons for it are many. People are worried about finances as their job is being endangered or their stock portfolios aren’t doing well. At the same time, they are worried about their health. No one is seeing the point in rushing anywhere now. On the other hand, homeowners are worrying that their homes won’t sell for a good enough price so they are hesitating putting their house on the market until the situation settles down. 

The good news is that you can still sell your house even during the COVID-19 crisis. We at Sparks Property Investors LLC have taken all the necessary precautions, which means that most of the meetings are done online, via video chat platforms such as Zoom. With modern technology, most documents can also be signed digitally.  Also, when you sell your house to a direct home buyer, you don’t have to worry about banks or when will you close as we will pay you in cash and let you choose the closing date. We do everything we can to make the process easier for you and to allow you to earn money as soon as possible, as we know these times are difficult.

The Impact on Human Nature

Not everything has been bad, though, and the COVID-19 has had some positive impact on the human nature. If we look at the headlines, people have become more compassionate. Everyone around the globe is going through the same, and despite the borders being closed, it’s like we’ve never been closer to each other. People are finally realizing what is truly important and what they can and can’t live without. We hope that this crisis will make us more spiritual and more connected both with people from every part of the world, but also with the planet Earth.

Social distancing has also made us realize the importance of family and friends and how much we actually miss some ‘not so important’ parts of being in a society, while other parts are completely unnecessary. With a bit of luck, everyone will go out of this situation a bit smarter and empathetic.

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