Top 5 Home Selling Annoyances When Listing in Milwaukee

Selling a home has now moved to digital space – which is good news for many, especially considering some annoyances that go hand in hand with the home selling process.

Home selling is a hassle. It isn’t as easy as simply listing a home and waiting for a buyer to appear. If you want to have a successful sale, your home always needs to look its best, and that isn’t an easy task, especially if you have a plethora of potential buyers walking through your house.

While COVID-19 pandemic has forced most homesellers and buyers to do business online, open houses are still a thing, although they’re not as common as before. While some sellers prefer to keep things the traditional way, others are glad that they no longer have to deal with most home selling annoyances caused by unfamiliar visitors. If you’re listing with an agent, some nuisances are bound to happen. Below are some of the most common annoying things that can happen when you’re selling a home in Milwaukee.

Last-Minute Showings

Murphy’s Law never fails, especially with something as serious as home selling. On the day you didn’t want to do home showing, a potential buyer gives you a call and they want to see your property right away. While we’re sure this is maddening, you have to give buyers any possible chance to come and take a look at your house, so you have no choice but to pull everything together as quickly as possible. Most of the time, these sudden showings are arranged for a reason, so it’s really important to do everything you can to make them happen. Get up, do a quick dusting job, throw everything into a Rubbermaid and make sure you look decent. If a buyer decides to proceed with their purchase, all the stress will be worth it!


Probably the only thing more annoying than last-minute showing is when a buyer doesn’t appear at all. The showing was scheduled, you’ve been cleaning the whole day, you’ve cancelled all other obligations you might’ve had, disinfected everything, and then the buyer cancels at the last minute – or he simply doesn’t show up. Unfortunately, when dealing with people, unpredictable nuisances can happen. While home selling and buying is a huge deal, not everyone takes it seriously. Many people aren’t considerate of other people’s time and they won’t even bother letting you know their plans have changed. As annoying this is, take a deep breath and try to stay calm. If the buyer calls you later, be flexible and allow him to have another showing. Sometimes personal things get in the way and not everyone has the opportunity to call to cancel. Just be prepared that, with the same person, you might be stood up again.

Buyers Damaging Your Things

As home selling precaution measures say that no more than two to three people can be present during the house showing, chances are you won’t be at home when a buyer and their agent come. Once you return, your nice, cleaned and staged home can look like a mess! Even worse, sometimes you may notice that rearranged pillows and open cupboards aren’t the worst damage that happened. If you have homeowners insurance, they should cover any damage that happened during house showing.

House Left Unlocked

One of the most dangerous things that can happen during a traditional home selling process is buyers leaving the doors unlocked after a visit. If the lights are turned on – this is a double trouble! It’s always advised to leave a note stating how you would like your house to look after a showing. Let your agent know that the lights should be turned off and the doors have to be locked. Place a sticky note on your front door, if necessary. Leaving a house unlocked can be a serious problem, as you never know who might try to get in and what – or who – you’ll find inside upon your return.

Pet Problems

If you have pets, you know that sometimes they can get very… affectionate towards new people. Unless they are very calm, you should take them outside of the home so they don’t disturb anyone. Dogs can bark and jump on people, while cats usually aren’t very good with strangers. This means that every time a buyer announces their visit, you should find someplace to leave your pets. You probably already know that this can be a difficult task sometimes.

Can You Avoid All of This?

No one loves to deal with these home selling annoyances. If you want to avoid them altogether, maybe the best option you have is to sell to a reliable direct buyer, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC. Direct buyers buy houses as-is, so you don’t have to deal with any repairs or upgrades. You don’t have to waste money cleaning it or staging it, especially not in a time of pandemic. Not to mention, with direct buyers, there won’t be any commission fees. Direct buyers will be able to close the sale quickly, sometimes in just seven days. This means you don’t have to worry about devastating holding costs that are expected in a buyer’s market. The best of all – they’ll buy in cash, so you’ll be able to get your money quickly. If you want to make a home selling process as stress-free as possible, working with Sparks Property Investors LLC is probably the best way to go.

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