Why Sell House to Sparks Property Investors LLC?

Wanting to get rid of property in Milwaukee? Here’s why you should sell house to Sparks Property Investors LLC now!

Have you seen those ‘We buy houses’ signs plastered all over your city, but never thought twice about contacting them because you believe they are a scam? Think again, and you too might end up wanting to sell house to Sparks Property Investors LLC!

While this is a common assumption, especially if you’re someone unfamiliar with the different methods of house selling, it’s far away from the truth. While most homeowners know only about traditional selling methods, there are more options than just listing on MLS. In fact, this method isn’t the best for everyone.

To help you realize what is the best option for you, we’ll walk you through the process of selling your house to a real estate investor – also known as a direct buyer or a cash buyer.

Why Choose to Sell to a Real Estate Investor?

There are several reasons why one would want to sell house to a real estate investor. For example, you might want to sell as fast as you can because of some life occasions, such as divorce or death of a family member. Maybe you want to avoid foreclosure, or you own a run-down home that isn’t worth repairing. Maybe you simply want to have a stress-free, easy sale, and to get the cash as fast as possible.

Despite what the rumors are saying, you won’t end up with less profit than if you were to sell traditionally. Sure, you might get paid less, but you won’t have any expenses that come with a traditional sale, such as agent commissions, repair costs, closing costs, and listing fees. In fact, once you calculate everything, you might end up earning MORE if you choose to work with us than to list with an agent!

Just so you can know all your options, here’s what can happen if you choose to sell your rundown or otherwise distressed property:

1. Selling as-is with an agent

When you choose to sell house to someone by using an agent, an expert will come and try to determine how much your property is worth. The agent will use a CMA and other types of data to help you determine your house’s value before offering you a price. Keep in mind that most traditional buyers want a house they can move in immediately. They don’t have the time or the funds to deal with extensive repairs.

Still, if you manage to find a buyer, you still won’t get the listing price. From that price, you’ll have to deduct commission fees, holding costs, and closing costs. Not to mention that the buyer has the right to request that you make any necessary repairs, at your expense. In the end, you’ll likely get much less than you hoped for.

2. Repairing before listing with an agent

If you want to repair your house, then sell it with an agent, you’ll first have to renovate everything. You should calculate how much that will cost you, then call the agent who will determine the value of your home. It’s important to note that the value of your property might not increase for the amount of money you’ve invested in it. However, this will increase your chances of finding a seller. You’ll also be liable for holding costs, closing costs, and commission fees.

3. Sell house to a real estate investor

The third option you have is to sell house to a reliable real estate investor, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC. These professionals will come in, value your home, then give you an offer. There will be no deductions from the offer you’re presented with. What you’re offered is what you’ll get. This is because the Sparks Property Investors LLC has already factored in the price of closing costs, commission fees, as well as any necessary repairs. So, while it might seem that the offer is much lower than the asking price, in the end, you’ll likely end up earning the same, if not even more.

Should You Sell House to Sparks Property Investors LLC?

If the possibility of selling house to a real estate investor sounds appealing, give us a call! When you work with us, we’ll do all we can to have your best interest in mind. If you sell house to us, you can count on getting money much faster than you would if you were selling to a traditional buyer – sometimes we can close in as little as 7 days! We don’t care whether you’ve made repairs to your house, as we’ll repair it by ourselves after the sale. If you sell house to Sparks Property Investors LLC, you can count on working with transparent professionals who will offer you the amount you’re going to end with. We can even buy your house if you still owe a mortgage on it! Just hit us up!

Are you looking for someone to sell house to in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? Contact Sparks Property Investors LLC today for a chance to get an ALL-CASH offer! (262) 288-0580

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