Winter Moving Tips – 5 Useful Hints

move during winter

Moving during cold months? Sometimes, relocating cannot be delayed, and you have no other options but to vacate your home during holiday season. Luckily, there are some winter moving tips that can make everything easier.

There are just a few people who find the moving process exciting. In fact, most find it to be very overwhelming. In a way, there isn’t the right time to move. No matter when you do it, it will feel equally stressful. However, winter is surely the worst time to do so! The snow, cold, wind, and a fewer number of moving services available, makes it very difficult to relocate during the holiday season. Without some good winter moving tips, everything will be a huge burden!

Moving during winter actually has some advantages. Summer is the most expensive season when it comes to most services, and moving companies aren’t an exception. So many people are moving during the summer that there will be a replacement for every customer that falls through. Not to mention that hot summer weather makes every physical activity, such as moving boxes and furniture, twice as difficult!

So, why not sell your house and move during winter? Sure, the weather isn’t the best, but you’ll save some money. And if the inclement weather worries you, you should understand that moving companies have experienced people working for them. They are most likely prepared for any nuisance that might occur.

Still, we’re not going to lie and say that moving during winter is an easy thing. Below are some winter moving tips that can make everything a lot more comfortable – and safe.

1. Count on Delays

Winter doesn’t have as much daylight hours as summer. Since the dark falls early, planning for delays is one of the best winter moving tips anyone could give you. With freezing temperatures and nightfall that can occur as early as 4:00 pm, you cannot expect to pull out a move that lasts ten hours. Instead, try to spread the move a bit, and make it take you two days. This is far safer and more comfortable compared to forcing someone to drive on ice in the dark. You have to have realistic expectations. Also, you should stay as flexible as possible. Inclement weather may happen, despite any weather forecasts, and this may require you to reschedule your move.

2. Organize on Time

 No matter the time of the year, you should stay organized. This will make the move much more efficient and trouble free. Not to mention it might even save you some money! Start by sorting your belongings, even if the moving date isn’t close. This will make it easier to find if you’ve forgotten something. Label your boxes accordingly, and it isn’t a bad idea to write down what belongings are in which boxes. While it seems like this takes too much time, you won’t have to deal with opening the wrong boxes later on. Also, you should prepare your belongings that you plan to take with you in your personal vehicle. This should include any important medication, a few spare clothes, sensitive electronics, important paperwork, and any irreplaceable or priceless items. Although moving companies are mostly reliable, anything that you can’t live without should always stay with you.

Also, most movers can’t move hazardous materials, such as paint or cleaning supplies. You have to prepare an adequate plan for these objects.

3. Protect Floors and Driveway

During the winter, ice can appear very quickly, and this can end up really messy. Even if it’s warm enough to prevent the ice creation, melting snow can combine with dirt and make everything muddy. There are many good winter moving tips that say how to protect injuries or dirtying your new house. Most of them including placing some kind of mud protection on any kind of floor or driveway you will walk over. Check with your Milwaukee moving company if they are willing to lay down floor protection. If not, you should do it by yourself, or try to find a better company. Most reliable movers shouldn’t have any problem with this request.

4. Make Sure All Sites Are Safe

Snow and ice are health hazards and winter can be dangerous. Walking surfaces tend to get a bit slippery during winter, and this can result in a few broken bones. One of the most important winter moving tips is to ensure that both the house you’re vacating and the house you’re moving into are safe. This means fully clearing any ice from the pathways. If there are any icicles on the roof, get rid of them to prevent them falling in the wrong moment.

5. Work with a Reliable Moving Company in Milwaukee

You don’t have to waste time thinking about most of these winter moving tips with just one good decision, and that is to find the right moving company in your area. Experience and professionalism is important no matter the date, but it can truly make a difference in dicey conditions. Try looking at references of the company, and read comments from satisfied and, more importantly, dissatisfied customers. If possible, ask a friend for recommendation. Word of mouth is the best way to find a good service.

Can You Sell a House during Winter?

Many people think that selling a house during winter is an impossible task. Truth is, it can be, especially if you’re selling the traditional way. However, direct buyers, such as Sparks Property Investors LLC, are buying houses no matter the season. Direct buyers are ready to pay for your house in cash, and you can sell your property as-is. In other words, you’ll have no costs associated with the sale. This allows you to redirect all your expenses towards moving. Not to mention that some direct buyers can close the sale in just seven days! Don’t wait for summer to make that big step and sell your house now.

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