What Happens In A Contested Divorce In Wisconsin?

What Happens In A Contested Divorce In Wisconsin

The only basis for divorce in Wisconsin is that both parties agree that marriage is irretrievable broken. Meaning both parties can not find a way to work out the differences in the marriage. Even if only one spouse wants a divorce a judge will typically find a marriage irretrievably broken. Therefore, a contested divorce in Wisconsin is basically when neither spouse can agree on the terms of the separation – then the court will do it for them.

Nobody wants to go through a divorce. It is definitely usually harder and more expensive to get a divorce in Wisconsin than the wedding itself. If your facing divorce it is critical to know your rights and what the legal process  lies ahead of you. It is also important to know that Wisconsin is a no fault divorce state.

What are the requirements of divorce?

When ending your divorce in Wisconsin there are specific requirements you have to face before you may file for a summons with the Circuit Court and a petition for divorce. First you must live in the county where you file for divorce for a minimum of 30 days and you must be a resident of the state you live in for at least 6 months. After this requirement has been met you may continue with the divorce process. Your petition request will include information such as the spouses’ marriage date, names and birth dates of each spouse, names and birth dates of any children involved  and if you each have a marital settlement agreement. After the summons has been filed the other spouse is informed that you have filed for divorce as well as the actions will follow.

What is a marital settlement agreement?

If there is an agreement with each party regarding the division of property and debt, custody of your children, visitation schedule, child support for any of the children and if one party will pay alimony, then you enter the marital settlement agreement. After you both file the agreement with the court and a financial disclosure statement , the court will schedule a stipulated divorce hearing. Both parties will attend the stipulated divorce hearing and the judge will review and usually approves the agreement adding it to the divorce decree. If both parties do not agree on all issues that is called a contested divorce. You will then need to complete more steps before your divorce is finalized.

What issues will I face when going through a contested divorce in Wisconsin?

A contested divorce in Wisconsin is when you and your spouse are not able to come to an agreement on one or more problems. This is recognized after you provide the court with a financial disclosure statement and a proposed marital settlement agreement. Mediation may also be completed if an of the problems include minor children. After the problems of the case are evaluated during a pretrial, the court then will hold a trial. This is where the judge will review hear arguments, question witnesses and review any evidence provided. This is when the court makes a decision on the matters you and your spouse can’t resolve before the trial, including property division. Wisconsin is a community property state meaning the court will divide any marital property equally. This 50/50 decision may be adjusted once the court evaluates a number of factors. This will include the length of the marriage, the contribution of each spouse during the marriage as well as the age and health of each spouse.

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